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International Center of Innovations in Education: LifeCamp | Professional orientation & personal growth camp

Krasnoyarsk, RussiaKrasnoyarsk, Russia
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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LifeCamp is the unique educational platform which empowers school pupils to make a conscious choice of their future career based on their deep values, intentions and abilities and develop practical social and leadership skills.

WHAT IF - Inspiration: Write one sentence that describes a way that your project dares to ask, "WHAT IF?"

What if every child would be able to build the career which fulfills his potential?
About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Modern school doesn't let children discover their true values, unique talents and intentions. At the same time school subjects often don't relate to real live professions. As a sequence high school students make the career choice unconsciously based on what others say and not experiencing it themselves. Add here the lack of practical social skills development at school - and outstanding career becomes an exception instead of being a pattern.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The solution is to let children try! We organize the unique space where students simulate the life of a real city: they study in university, get degree, get employed and work in different spheres, open their business, elect government, etc. They even organize to big events (not simulative ones) on their own: from designing content to negotiating with partners and delivering presentations. The best thing is that everyone has a chance to try himself in different roles and to change it in case he doesn't like it with no price of mistake. At the same time children go through active process of discovering themselves and practical learning due to series of trainings and constant reflection.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

The project's been organized 3 times so far. We were amazed by the things children shared with us during the camp. They have created practical solutions on improving the city, they had this "Aha"-moment of realizing own values, they started to distinguish their independent opinions from the ones influenced by others. Moreover, we kept in touch with them and saw the long-term changes. Surveys said that children generally improved relationships with their relatives and friends, started to seek for the opportunities to learn more, started their own social initiatives. And those who already finished the school, reported that they are happy and successful in their graduation now as they have chosen the right career for them.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

In august 2014 we organized the third LifeCamp with 52 participants (320% growth from the previous time) which made it to 94 lives changed overall since the project started! We surveyed participants and parents. Out of those who answered the survey 90% said they would recommend the camp for their friends. 70% claimed LifeCamp helped them to choose their career. 80% would like to take part in the next wave of LifeCamp. Also as we had foreign volunteers taking part in the project (8 foreigners have facilitated in the camp) 70% of them would like to run this initiative in their countries (based on survey).

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We want to space up the project globally by the following strategies: • Organizing the camp by ourselves at least in different regions of Russia • Partnering with different education organizations to organize our program based on their platform • Launching LifeCamp franchise program • AND MOST EXCITING: in a week we are launching LifeSchool - the brand new project that uses LifeCamp technology in the school.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

So far the project existed by fees from the participants. But as we want to scale it up and make it affordable for everyone we would need more financial resources. Here are some of the ways to get it: - Partners who are interested in CSR and marketing associated with this kind of project - LifeCamp franchise - Local, national and international grants - Crowdsourcing

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Among Russia there are several educational organizations that address the same problem, but all they use to put this "professional orientation topic" in place are different tests, lections, etc. Our uniqueness is our approach which is to let children try any roles they'd like to take on - and then to decide which one suits them best.

Founding Story

The project's founder Valeria Androsenko has organized the project with the same topic in 2010 in International youth-run organization AIESEC. That time it was called "The City of the Future". The concept which has been used in educational program showed it's extraordinary effectiveness and impact. After being the head of local AIESEC chapter Valeria has been struggling in different professions: from English lessons to real estate until she finally realized she wants others to avoid her mistakes and choose the career path consciously. That's when she started her social enterprise and decided to reborn the project that once has succeed so amazingly.


The current team consists of 4 members - all of them are alumni of the organization AIESEC (mentioned above) and have practical experience in project-management, facilitating and training. The roles include: director, educational program manager, marketing manager and partners relations manager. All of them work full time in Educational Center of Innovations in Education (the project's organizer). We invite extra stuff (trainers, facilitators)
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, Krasnoyarsk

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, Krasnoyarsk

What awards or honors has the project received?
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Regional government, Customers.

Primary Target Age Group

13 - 17.

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Administrator, Teacher.

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Extracurricular, Professional Development, other.

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Putting Children in Charge: Giving children a voice and cultivating agency via experiential learning, project-based learning, and civic engagement.

Is your project targeted at solving any of the following key barriers?

One size fits all fits none: Students are disengaged and not being prepared for "real life."


Foreign volunteers to take part in the project; media support


Unique educational program

What key learning outcomes does your work seek to improve?

Participants will be able to be choosing their future career consciously based on an experience of simulating different roles and professions;
Participants will understand their values, strengths and weaknesses through active constant reflection process;
Participants will learn practical social and leadership skills;
Participants will drive proactive and responsible behavior.

Secondary Form
PROGRAM DESIGN CLARITY: We are hungry to know more about what exactly your model consists of. Please succinctly list a) what main activities are you doing with your beneficiaries, b) where you carry out the activities? c) how often? d) for how many hours? e) who delivers the services? and f) any other brief details

The program is an intensive course packed in the 16-days (128 learning hours) out-of-the-city camp. Frequency has been twice a year (but we will do more). Program is delivered by professional trainers, tutors and professionals from different spheres. To know more:

INSPIRATION: What do you consider the most important trends or evidence that inspire you to believe the world is ready to Re-imagine Learning? Please elaborate.

I'd see why the world NEEDS to re-imagine learning. Because today's education is obsolete for the modern world. Modern schools model was built more than 150 years ago and still carries the needs of that years. It just puts determined knowledge with no skill to THINK into student's brains. It was relevant when information didn't change much even in 50 years and people were supposed to conform. It didn't let to discover the world and oneself, because social roles were due to your birth status. The world has changed. Education has not.
And brave people who dare to claim this mismatch change it

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: What does “learning through play” mean to you and why it is a must-have, instead of a nice to have?

1. Education should be practical. Playing allows you not just to consume knowledge, but to test it on practice.
2. Education should be adaptable. While playing, you try different behavioral models and skills, see the reaction and can adjust it for the better results. And it happens fast and easy.
3. Education should be fun. It is just a proven scientific fact, that a person learns much better when he likes it - so, why the heck we are ok with the image of the school as a place where children hate to go?!

SUSTAINABILITY: Please list a quick breakdown of your funding, indicating the percentage that comes from each source.

Currently: 100% from the clients (parents of the participants).

40% from clients;
30% from grants;
30% from sponsorships and partners;

MODEL: How does your mission relate to your business model (i.e. Non-profit, for-profit or hybrid)?

We believe in a social business model. It's simple: if no one is ready to pay for what you do - then your product isn't worth it. So, how well you sell it is an indicator of the quality and demand on your product.
Still, we want to make our services affordable for as many people as possible, that's why we're searching for grants and partnerships now.

FUNDING PRIORITIES: If your organization were given $20K in unrestricted funding today, how would you use it? Why?

We would use it for one of the 3 main priorities:
1) Scaling up LifeCamp on the national and global levels
2) Launching LifeSchool (model of schools centers that uses LifeCamp technology and ideology during the school year)
3) Showcasing LifeCamp models worldwide to teach others how to do it

PARTNERSHIPS: Tell us about your partnerships that enhance your approach.

Our current partners mostly support us with content and organizational stuff.
Academy of GamePractice and GameDesign Agency help us to improve our simulations.
Siberian Federal University and Agency of Strategic Initiatives of Russia help us to promote the camp and recruit best tutors.
We are partnering with 70% of schools in our city to promote the camp.

COLLABORATIONS: Have you considered or initiated partnerships with any of the other Challenge Pacesetters? If so, please share.

Not yet :(

VISION: If you had unlimited funding, and you could fast forward 15 years to when your program has been able to achieve wild success - what will it have achieved?

It's simple. Our dream - the schools has disappeared and the whole education system has been changed.
We've been brainstorming about the ideal education system. It includes education through project-management and practical role-playing, students are able to choose what to study and generate real demand on knowledge, everyone has personal coach and educational trajectory.

IMPACT - KEY METRICS: Please list the key data points that you would cite as evidence that you are able to achieve lasting learning outcomes. Please also share one data point for which you most hope to see better results over time

1. Percentage of students making conscious choice of career (measured by surveys, analyzing if responders can link their choice with their values and goals - conducted periodically, when participants choose university, during university and 1 year after).

2. Assessment of competencies development during the project - conducted by tutors on reflection sessions.

IMPACT - REPORTING SAMPLE: Please attach any examples of your impact reporting. [optional]:
RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE: Please link or attach any research or evidence resource you are open to sharing more widely [optional]. Building research and evidence is a key aim of this initiative, and the resources you share may be chosen for listing in the Center for Education Innovations library:
SOURCE: If applicable - who created the research or evidence you are choosing to share? :
IMPACT - REACH: How many people did your project directly engage in programmatic activities in the last year?

0 to 500

STUDY: Has an external evaluation or study been conducted of your organization?


Other (please specify)
Number of Employees:


Number of Volunteers:


APPROACHES: Given the complexity of play, it is not surprising that there have been numerous research attempts to categorize the different types and approaches! Please indicate which of the following your project focuses on.

Games with Rules, Creating a Supportive Socio-Emotional Environment, Providing a Range of Opportunities (providing the equipment and materials needed for various types of play), Educational Structuring (developing playful projects within educational contexts), Challenging Play (play that disrupts - where rules are disregarded and levels of imagination are high).

Other (please specify)
AFFILIATION: Please specify if your organization has any existing affiliations with the LEGO Group.

not yet


Bharat Damani's picture

Excellent concept and very refreshing way of learning. Participation across cultures and countries increases its effectiveness.
Experiential learning helps people discover themselves and as being rightly done, catch them young, helps mould children into adults and professionals of their choice supplemented by their inherent strengths.
Keep up the great work with more camps!

This is a great initiative. It is crucial for the new generation to learn these social skills as a part of education to become successful future leaders of the world. I congratulate the team for coming up with this brilliant education model and wish them a lot of success in making this available to children on an international scale as well.

Renata Szeles's picture

Congratulations! The project is amazing and if I had this chance at school would save me a lot of time and trouble in findind who I am and what want to do with my life

I'm stephanie and I'm from Indonesia. I've joined this camp last summer and i spent an amazing time in this camp. The camp was surrounded with joy, laughter, creativity, friendship, and so on. From my point of view, this camp is really different from any other camp. I can see how friendly the children with their instructor there. They had fun with them, yet they respect them too. This camp make the children to let out their hidden potential and to do the best. After the camp finished, the bond between the children and instructor is change into a family bond. I dare you to join this camp. This camp will be a life-changing experience that you will have.

The basic theory which i believe for an individual to grow in life is to explore and aspire for something new,innovative,and productive with their time.Thus leading to have a successful future career.
we're institutionalized by the educational system around the globe.We're only taught to have a good job which can either be achieved only by becoming a doctor or an Engineer.

"International Center of Innovations in Education
LifeCamp' in Krasnoyarsk has taken an initiative to break these stereotypes,and they're providing knowledge and coaching sessions for the youth where they can productively learn how to think out of the box,and aspire to be whatever they want in their life.
I personally was a part of this initiative ,and personally first hand experienced the experience.i would like to congratulate people is Krasnoyarsk for taking such initiatives and i wish them all the best in changing lives

Most of the comments above are great and tell about what benefits you will gain when you take part in LifeCamp. I really can't tell more. all what can I add is , being the chair of LifeCamp 2013 and LifeCamp 2014 made me realize that this project is a turning point of the teenager's life. I have met in LC teens who were before lifecamp very introverted . they were afraid of getting close to me and speak with me as I am not Russian. however, through what they have experienced in LC . they have completely changed to be very extroverted and more creative. The words are flat to talk about this project. I highly recommend you to live it yourself.