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5-a-day Fitness: Have fun, get fit, learn a language!

United KingdomToronto, Canada
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$1,000 - $10,000
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5-a-day Fitness is the ultimate fun fitness resource for elementary schools. Online access to fully demonstrated five-minute high energy, low impact exercise routines with optional Modern Foreign Language voice-overs and subtitles. Pupils simply watch, join in, have fun, get fit and learn!

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What if every child in Canada could effortlessly increase their daily physical activity, learn French and have fun at the same time?
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Childhood obesity rates are rising and children are adopting more sedentary lifestyles. Children also often perceive language learning as dull and unexciting. Due to lack of space, increasing timetable pressures and, in some cases, a lack of confidence, elementary school teachers find it increasingly difficulty to deliver effective daily physical activity and/or inspiring language learning.

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5-a-day Fitness is a subscription service website used by schools around the world that help teachers deliver quality exercise and language learning in a fun and exciting way. 5-a-day Fitness also supplies routines and resources to improve teamwork, teach leadership, and encourage relaxation. With the recent introduction of an online fitness competition 5-a-day fitness can now track pupil fitness improvement and enable schools to compete with other schools locally, nationally and internationally. It is our hope that this will lead to direct communication between schools from around the world leading to not only improved fitness but also increased cultural awareness and language skills.
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Primary/elementary schools often have limited outdoor space and high childhood obesity rates. Teachers are facing increased pressure to deliver "more academic" subjects within the constraints of the already demanding school timetable. As a result of incorporating 5-a-day Fitness into the school day (before school, during registration, after lunchtime for example) pupils are now active for an extra hour a week or more. Schools have reported increased morale, concentration and participation in lessons. With no teacher training or preparation required 5-a-day fitness is quick to deliver and easy to embed during the school day.

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An independent study was conducted at a UK primary school that not only had limited outdoor space but also over 50% of the pupil population diagnosed as being somewhere on the autism spectrum. They concluded that - “Students have improved their concentration levels and been more attentive to the teacher. During observations carried out by SMT, lessons that have included students that have participated in 5-a-day Fitness have moved from “good” to “outstanding”. In Physical education, there has been an improvement identified in the B Squared data (our assessment tool) for students that have participated in 5-a-day Fitness. Behaviour incidents have reduced ensuring a safer school for our students. We will be continuing to use 5-a-day Fitness and hope that it will continue to provide interesting and suitable material.” - Oak View School, Essex.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

5-a-day Fitness has been successfully used by UK schools for the past three years. Due to word of mouth, and the introduction of our French language learning tools, it has now started to be adopted by schools in Ontario, Canada. As it is an internet based resource 5-a-day Fitness is highly cost effective (£200 GBP per school per year for full access) and could easily be utilised by school across Canada. Substantial discounts offered to school boards for bulk licence purchases.

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The ongoing income provided through website subscriptions will fund future product development and design as well as further marketing.

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Other companies in the UK offer similar "brain break" products but none with integrated language learning facility or inter-school fitness competition.

Founding Story

The 5-a-day creative team were initially approached in 2006 by Tower Hamlets Local Authority, London to produce a resource that dealt with their high childhood obesity rate (then highest in UK) by increasing physical activity in their schools with limited outdoor space. The two year pilot programme was an overwhelming success and this lead to the creation of an online resource to enable access to a global audience.


Fin Barnes: Designer, musician, director. 15 years West End theatre experience. Carly Borrow: PE Teacher, choreographer, dancer, fitness coach. 8 years high school school teaching. David Chapple: Graphic designer. 10 years brand marketing and design. Additional costume, make-up and production staff also employed. In the future we would be looking to employ "local champions" (particularly in Canada) to support the resource overseas.
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