Drop In, Learn & Play Florball

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Drop In, Learn & Play Florball: Experience Floorball!!

Lower Sackville, CanadaLower Sackville, Canada
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Floorball is a safe, fast & fun sport resembling indoor hockey. It is inexpensive to play and has rules that promote safety and encourages youth of all ages to participate regardless of their athletic ability, age, shape, size or race. Drop in to one of our clinics, learn and then play floorball!

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children could play a sport that was fun, not expensive and could be played anywhere anytime by anyone!
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Ice hockey is Canada's national sport of choice and the desired sport for most children to play. Children that range from age 8 to 13 who are physically not up to par, come from a lower income family, find themselves late or behind the curve of development fear playing hockey yet still want to find alternative ways to be part of Canada's culture of hockey. Instead they retreat and opted out of getting involved in sports that are not on par.

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Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events allow for children of any age, shape, abilities and gender an easy entry into a sport that resembles ice hockey but does not require expensive equipment, can be played on any flat surface- adaptable to the playing environment, has rules that are safe and is not restricted to any special skills. It creates a level playing field for all children and therefore encourages them to participate where they would not feel intimidated or different but safe and encouraged. Floorball is a new sport to Canada and is similar in nature to ice hockey but is played in a 'gym like' surface. It only requires a floorball stick, ball and sneakers
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Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events were held in Lower Sackville, NS that opened the doors to children who had any interest in trying a sport that was new, innovative and resembled ice hockey. A one hour curriculum taught children the history and rules of floorball. Children of like age ranges and abilities played together on various teams. We surveyed the children to determine their level of interest and gathered email addresses for future programs. The vast majority of children had some level of ice hockey exposure but it was surprisingly hard to identify those children who had not played ice hockey. We took the Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events on the road into elementary schools and had an overwhelming positive response.

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In the eight hours, over 100 children participate in the Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events, with all levels of physical fitness, spanning a wide range of ages and skill sets. Over 94% of the attendees surveyed indicated that they would attend again. All of the physical education teachers in the 8 elementary schools requested we consider a revisit. Many teachers have opted to incorporate floorball into their curriculum. Where floorball does not require an extensive knowledge, is easily adaptable to a childs' environment/ abilities and culture, and is similar in nature to Canada's national sport of ice hockey, it was not surprising that floorball was attractive to the youth and has the potential to encourage many more children to come out to more Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events wherever they are hosted. Floorball can easily change a childs attitude towards sports

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On a 'grow' forth basis, floorball can easily be implanted into schools, clubs, not for profit children centres, undeveloped neighbourhoods, corporations, communities mainly due to the ease in the learning of the sport and the inexpensive costs associated with setting up a Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball event. Children who lack self confidence in venturing into the mainstream sports will comfortably embrace this new innovative sport and actively play afterwards simply because of the fact that the requirements to play are not limiting (special facility, large playing surface etc.)

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To be sustainable events will require learning techniques and teaching aids that produce a consistent program. These will need to be purchased by instructors & use in every Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball event. Scaling the events to reach more children is paramount. The cost of equipment is about $35/child so instructors will need to charge a per player fee to cover costs of training and equipment. Establishing leagues is a revenu option

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Partnering with Canada's minor hockey organizations through Hockey Canada, as well as with CHL and NHL teams to integrate the events into the culture will lend credibility to the sport and in so get more and more children attending more and more Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events. Players can migrate into ice hockey with transferable skill sets (stick handling, shooting, passing, hand-eye coordination). Furthermore, minor hockey associations could embrace floorball as a more affordable alternative to hockey player development over expensive ice rental.

Founding Story

My son received two floorball sticks and brought then to his school one year. Within a week, students were clambering for similar sticks. Eventually the school purchased a set of sticks and incorporated the sport into a Friday event. I had reached out to a distributor and arranged to promote the sport locally among other schools. The challenge was getting the word out on what floorball was, so through email marketing and social media we were successful in attracting children to come and try floorball at our Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball events. We approached schools about having our organization showcase the sport of floorball and soon received more and more inquiries. We are now starting to work with the minor hockey associations.


President is responsible for the establishing in roads with organizations, schools and groups to promote floorball. VP Development is responsible for the design, development and deployment of floorball events (i.e. Drop In, Learn & Play Floorball) Associate Instructors help execute on our programs and make modifications to those programs to ensure we capture the most return in terms of repeat business and future event/league opportunities.
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, NS, Lower Sackville

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, NS, Lower Sackville

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Floorball Nova Scotia (FNS) has most recently partnered with the local high school (Sackville High School) in introducing the sport of floorball to the boys hockey team. We organized and ran 10 weeks of floorball games to showcase the sport and give the players a chance to learn new skills. Next year FNS will become new 'player' in the schools physical education program with sights on introducing the sport to grades 9- 12 (about 900 children)

Florball Nova Scotia, through its affiliation with Floorball Canada, is partnering with Hockey Canada's provincial affiliates (Hockey Nova Scotia) to offer elementary age children the opportunity to play floorball and develop athletic skills relating to the sport of hockey but also, because of the speed and nature of the floorball, offer ways that will enhance endurance, hand-eye coordination, game play/ situational processing and fine motor skills that children can use in their life activities as well as alternative sport options.