New Brunswick Physical Literacy Summit

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New Brunswick Physical Literacy Summit: NB Physical Literacy

CanadaFredericton, Canada
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We are putting together a Physical Literacy Summit with the intent to share best practices in physical literacy, educate about physical literacy, and engage community leaders to seek out new and inventive ways to include physical literacy programming in their community.

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What if every child skilled and confident enough to participate in all types of physical activity?
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Only 7% of our children and youth are meeting Canadian physical activity guidelines. Physical literacy has shown to be a determinant to physical activity levels with several studies showing that higher levels of physical literacy lead to higher levels of physical activity. In order to improve provincial levels of physical literacy it is important to increase awareness of its importance.

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Community awareness on the importance of physical literacy is still in its infancy. A high profile provincial summit will aid in not only improving the knowledge base of those who already practice and encourage physical literacy but will also provide awareness to community leaders, coaches, educators and parents who are not familiar with the importance of physical literacy in children’s lives. The NB Physical Literacy Summit will serve as a central hub where anyone who is involved in physical literacy practices can share information.
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The NB Physical Literacy Summit will make a difference because it will compile all the best practices around NB so that everyone directly or indirectly involved in the summit will have high quality information of the current gold standard. One of the main objectives of this project is to evaluate physical literacy practices and physical literacy levels across the province. This evaluation is unique to Canada and will provide important information of the current state of our children and youth.

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It is our hope that the first annual NB Physical Literacy Summit will provide a legacy that will see communities in the province embrace Physical Literacy and the Canadian Sport for Life movement, by having communities come forward and start on the path to becoming CS4L communities. We believe that by hosting a conference that brings together many of the key stake holders in the province we will put ourselves in a position to do great things. Through evaluation of current physical literacy practices we will be able to access what aspects of physical literacy programming need improvement. Currently there is very limited data on levels of physical literacy across NB and Canada.

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By impacting over 200 physical literacy leaders we will directly and indirectly impact in excess of 10,000 children. These children will be impacted by having leaders who understand the importance of physical literacy, have a knowledge of what physical literacy resources are available, and are committed to providing high quality physical literacy programming.

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Through the information and partners gained at the NB Physical Literacy Summit, it is of interest to build a certification program. This program will provide parents with information on what day-care, afterschool programs, summer-camps and educational institutions provide quality physical literacy programming.

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Currently NB Physical Literacy the only organization addressing the importance of physical literacy in the province.

Founding Story

NB Physical Literacy is comprised of a large group of like-minded individuals from several organizations such as SportNB, RecNB, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton District Soccer Association, NB Government, Canada Sport for Life, City of Fredericton and PHE Canada. We have all come together because we believe in the importance of physical literacy and know that if we all work together it is possible to improve the health and wellness of our children and youth through physical literacy. Our greatest strength is the wide reach our organization due to the involvement of a large variety of partner organizations and individuals.


Barry Morrison - FDSA Executive Director - Summit co-chair Manon Ouelette - Sport NB - Summit co-chair Karel Prickett - MSc - Summit Project Coordinator Steve Harris, Kelcy Kuhn, Sherry Doiron - NB Government - Partner Fran Harris - PHE Canada - Partner Jamie Shanks - RecNB - Partner Darcy McKillop - Sport NB - Partner Bobby Despres - City of Fredericton - Partner Greg Duquette - UNB - Partner Ross Leadbetter - Education - Partner
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