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This project also has a Changeshop where you can read more about its latest progress.

MySoft intends its production and distribution of computer applications (apps) for use by service

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We want co-create a map of those who participated in the social undertaking in Colombia, that all

N'Kalô is a commercial information service for small enterprises donating its services for sales

Entidade Científica que incuba EES cooperativados agrupando-os em um programa epistemológico de e

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ALEAP was the dream of like minded women entrepreneurs who wanted to train, guide, support and en

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Since 1956 RitC has been committed to promoting opportunities for all people with developmental d

The Kisiwani Environmental Group is a CBO that collects waste in unplanned settlements in the Bug

CitySpotters by I Am Young America - Using Civic Engagement To Collect Data And Champion Young En

El Pajaro Community Development Corporation and the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Associati

AvatarGeneration.com is a blog that specializes in educational technology news, apps, learning ga

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Letramento - protagonismo social entre novas escrituras de projetos.

SETU's mission is to empower the social and economic standing of underprivileged & marginaliz

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Encourage and facilitate self development among vulnerable people through immediate actions and p

O Youcast é a primeira agência de notícias colaborativas do mundo que transforma fotos e vídeos -

A COOPA-ROCA tem por missão gerar condições para que as Artesãs - todas mulheres moradoras da Fav

Our MicroConsignment Model creates access for the first time.