CitySpotters - Using Civic Engagement To Champion Young Entrepreneurs

CitySpotters - Using Civic Engagement To Champion Young Entrepreneurs

Detroit, United StatesDetroit, United States
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CitySpotters by I Am Young America - Using Civic Engagement To Collect Data And Champion Young Entrepreneurs

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The inability of most Detroiters to recognize, support, and engage with the city's growing movement of young entrepreneurs. In recent years, a growing number of young Detroiters have begun blending entrepreneurship with civic action. While many Detroiters are aware of and engaging with this movement of young entrepreneurs, most are unable to engage with it. As a result, the persistence, motivation, and success of Detroit’s youngest “do-ers” is often left to chance.

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I Am Young America's proposed approach is “CitySpotters”, a web and mobile platform that builds on the early success of I Am Young Detroit. I Am Young America will use its proven technology platform and convening power to mobilize the general public to recognize, connect with, and support Detroit’s youngest innovators and changemakers. CitySpotters transforms data-mining into a tool for engagement. We’re encouraging citizens to put their cities “on the map” by populating them with bright spots. Using our rewards system, citizens are incentivized to spot young entrepreneurs and play supporting roles, thus earning points to champion them as "spotters," customers and mentors.
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We’ve designed and programmed the beta version of the CitySpotters website platform, which we launched this past June at A perfect example of CitySpotters in action: #1) A user logged on using facebook and "spotted" Jay Rayford, a young entrepreneur who has started a loyalty card program for local spending in Detroit. #2) User earns 10 points on for spotting him. #3) Jay is profiled on I Am Young Detroit (, allowing other Detroiters to learn about and from Jay. #4) Jay's business is added to the CitySpotters Gift Gallery Database. #5) Original user and others can now champion Jay's business by spending their CitySpotters rewards point on his business reward, a loyalty card with two punches.

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There are other movements in the city of Detroit working to engage the community with local doers like the Urban Innovation Exchange and Model D, what makes us different is that we're specifically focusing on Young Detroit entrepreneurs under 30, and actively encouraging community engagement with the young doers we feature through technology and innovation. Our community reach is a bit broader, as we're working both in physical spaces and virtual ones, to connect with people of all walks of life throughout Detroit. These players have been in the game much longer than us, and have a great network of fiscal supporters, staff teams, and popularity that will make for a healthy competition, and possibly collaborative partners in the future.

Founding Story

When I arrived back to my hometown of Detroit after college, among the negative noise, I began dreaming of creating a community that was supportive of young people like them and those who aspired to be like them; a community that was all inclusive, drawing inspiration and resources from both people that looked like me and those that didn't. I wanted to show young people both near and far, that there ARE opportunities to turn your dreams into success stories here, in this supposed wasteland. And so I Am Young Detroit was born. I created the blog in 2009 to share the stories of these unsung people, movements, and opportunities. I thought, here's something simple that I can do to contribute to changing the Detroit narrative. I made it a point to feature those who weren't really receiving shine elsewhere. I Am Young Detroit officially launched to the public in early 2010 and quickly gained steam becoming one of the first niche blogs covering content specific to Detroit and its young Doers.
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I Am Young America
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Margarita Barry

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I Am Young America

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, MI, Detroit, Wayne County

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, MI, Detroit, Wayne County

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Access to financing, Access to talent, Access to economic opportunity.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Founded in 2010, I Am Young Detroit is already among the city’s most successful engagement platforms: it has mobilized an impressive social network that constitutes 1,000 daily website visitors, 8,00 Twitter followers, 8,000 e-mail subscribers, and 4,000 Facebook fans who support 100 young do-ers. Many of the connections informally made have already resulted in recognition, connection, and support for young innovators.For example Mashawnta Armstrong, founder of MASH Magazine, hired four freelance creatives, was asked to sit on a panel at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, was sought out and accepted into the Detroit Creative Corridor’s Business Accelerator, and was featured in the American Black Journal, Michigan Daily, and WDIV CHannel 4 all as a result of being profiled on I Am Young Detroit. Tunde Wey of Detroit’s Big F Deal, was asked to participate in a paid opportunity to work on a national anti-menthol smoking ideation session with creatives from across the country.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

Over two years, this initiative will help 5,000 Detroiters of all ages support 500 young entrepreneurs in the city through CitySpotters, I Am Young Detroit, and a micro-grant/fellowship program in development.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

It will be challenging to ensure those recognized are increasingly connected with one another and the broader community, to overcome that we'll do the following: (1) use our online social media competencies to connect do-ers with one another; (2) showcase those recognized online and offline across the city so the public - including students in the city - are able to pledge support as fellows, funders, mentors, marketers, consumers, advisors, and more; and (3) bring young entrepreneurs and their supporters together constantly through meet-ups, conferences, and more.

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Tell us about your partnerships

We have a burgeoning relationship with The Knight Foundation, who hopes to support I Am Young America & CitySpotter's microgrant and fellowship programs in the year 2013. I Am Young Detroit has also built working relationships with the Michigan State Housing Development, Team Detroit, 71 Garfield (a green, mixed-used, renovation project that transformed a vacant building into 30 units of live/work space for artists), WDET, The Detroit Creative Corridor Center, Detroit SOUP, The Heidelberg Project, Detroit Regional News Hub, Model D, Detroit Symphony, Wayne State.

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