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$1,000 - $10,000
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e-Agro is a web and mobile based repository for information relating to agriculture. We pull together information from every stakeholder for all stakeholders. e-Agro is based on a global quadrangle of stakeholders where people from all over Africa exchange information, ideas, and resources related to the use of(ICT) for sustainable agriculture and rural development.

About Project

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The rise in web and mobile technology has not been bought in the agriculture sector of Nigeria. Farmers and other stakeholders in the sector still have little knowledge about how much ICT can influence development in that sector. The availability of a repository where stakeholders can source for information ranging from crop cycle practices, market pricing for cash crops, diseases and pest control, and links to buyers is not available.

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A common platform for agriculture stakeholders A single, integrated information system for all stakeholders has many advantages. It minimizes the duplication of data and ensures consistency, improves integrity of the data, and addresses a variety of requirements. Although often quite complex, the system can be customized to ensure that the user experience of the system as relatively simple. Cost and time spend on maintenance is relatively low and the amount of user training required can be reduced. With the use of mobile and web-based applications, we intend to reach the rural community, partner with other similar agencies and help influence a policy for ICT in agriculture. We shall begin with pilot projects and sensitization exercises targeted at rural communities in the south-west and south-east region of Nigeria. We shall also make use of social media tools to propagate this service.
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1. A website is made available as a repository of information related to the agricultural sector. information ranging from agriculture statistics, updated price of commodities and tracking options made available in the 3 major languages (Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba). 2. The entire website is converted into a mobile application (cross-platform)downloadable via a mobile code. Individuals can subscribe for daily alerts on various information. 3. A SMS-based solution for people without smart phones, where based on subscription, SMS messages are sent in local language. 4. Provision of a call center in project areas, where fliers containing current information is obtained. A CD-based repository (similar to that web-based) is provided for areas with no power supply.

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The project success is based on acceptance by local community. Currently, little work is being done by government agencies and other institutes. we however, see a greater partnership between government agencies, International organizations and relevant stakeholders in the sector.

Founding Story

I had just attended a conference on Social media for good governance, where one of the speakers talked about how Kenya is using ICT for rural development, I immediately see an opportunity to invent such in Nigeria. Nigeria does not presently have an active policy on ICT in Agriculture, and with the greater dependence on Oil, the rural community had being left behind. I decided to create a platform similar to what was already in existence in other countries, and I one hoped I will be part of the consortium to develop an active policy for ICT in agriculture. Since I had a degree in Crop, soil and Pest management, combined with my over 8 years of experience in ICT, I launched this project.
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e-Agro Network
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e-Agro Network

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, CT, Abuja

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, ONG, Ondo/Ile-oluji

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Less than a year

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Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

Social Impact
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Access to financing, Access to talent, Access to supply chains, Access to technology, Access to economic opportunity, Policy change/advocacy.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Our Solution is still at the starting stage. Pilot projects shall begin in August, 2012.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

A total impact of rural development in 10 Local government areas, across south west Nigeria.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Inadequate funding may prevent us from reaching our targeted audience. The acceptability of the model by policy makers at the federal, State and local government is important if we are to reach the nooks and crannies of South-west Nigeria.
Also, getting other individuals to partner with us in developing local contents will influence the level of success of this project.

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Task 1

3 Pilot Projects completion in south-west Nigeria, with results shared via social media platforms

Task 2

Complete updates of repository for our web-based platform and continous update with current and real-time trends.

Task 3

Begin development of local contents (Texts and Electronic forms) for pilot project areas.

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Task 1

Establishment of resource centres in selected villages/ communities

Task 2

Partner with major telecommunications companies to provide SMS services for subscribers

Task 3

Total migration of the web-platform into a mobile platform for smart phones, tablets, and symbian phones.

Tell us about your partnerships

We intend to partner with similar agencies especially those already working in Nigeria and other African countries

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We require supports on Investment, HR, and research since our work is based majorly on information


It is time for Nigeria to make use of the excellent tools made available through ICTs, for rural development and women empowerment