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My Country My Village

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$10,000 - $50,000
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FSB, A specialized IT service company opened up its Bangladesh office in 2009. It is a multi award winning and the leading e-commerce company in Bangladesh.FSB till now have been closely working with the Bangladesh Rural Societies bringing to the most underprivileged people the best of technology from the west.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

1.Food Crises, economic downfall which effect livelihood of mass people. Almost 80 percent of Bangladesh’s population lives in the rural areas, with 54 percent of them employed in agriculture and the remainder in the rural non-farm (RNF) sector. 2.Fair trading system The farmers , fisherman, underprivileged women mostly never get their fair price as the market system is dominated by the middleman never get the access to the market system. 3.Gender discrimination: Women are restricted at home mostly ar rural area only urban area women get a chance to work. 4.Technology divide Sadly the use of Information Technology is available toa certain echelon of society more specifically the upper and middle class.

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Amar Desh Amar Gram (My Country My Village) is the first project of its kind that takes computers and web access to the lowest income group and empowers them with a possibility that was not ever previously available to them before. The project creates a virtual marketplace named as Amar Desh eSHOP for better economic opportunities it takes the products from the poor to the poorest, producers all around villages of Bangladesh and then opens up national and international markets for them which otherwise is not available to them. Today fishermen from far off Mongla (south-west coastal district) are selling fish in the heart of Dhaka city, women sitting at home producing simple ‘handicrafts” are earning by selling their kathas (handicraft) all over Bangladesh and even abroad, farmers growing fresh vegetables are supplying to consumers and city markets directly. The journey does not end there, the centers that control this supply chain are controlled by youths of the local community.
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THE ONLINE MARKET FOR RURAL COMMUNITY (AMAR DESH ESHOP) FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SOLVING THE FOOD CRISES: Amar desh eshop directly links the farmers and all other producers of any locality (i.e. any village) to the customers across the country & the globe so that they receive their rightful profit. Due to The system would enable customers to get products at a reasonable price. (e.g. The system also creates equal employment opportunities for men and women ensuring increase in income. 7-9 individuals in rural area will be employed by each e-centre. The system plays a crucial role in protecting interests of indigenous industries in rural areas by creating income opportunities of rural marginal people, small and handicraft industries and agro-based industry are encouraged in this system by ensuring utmost cooperation in the expansion of markets at home and abroad. A solution for reduction in rural-urban migration. If the victims are under the effect of climate change, it would not affect their livelihood as they have their own identity and virtual mall from where she can earn again even if she has lost everything. She can start earning again through her establishment in the virtual world which is recognized nationally and internationally.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

A low income producers, for example a farmers selling his vegetables to his local markets to the middle man or broker at price BDT 2, then the broker sells this product to wholesaler and wholesaler to main city distributor to local retail market where consumers get at BDT 25.But now through our e-center , producers can sell at BDT 10 and adding up the delivery cost and 15% commissions it reaches to consumers at BDT 15-18. The e-center staff , the local youth now earning BDT 3,000 monthly where else he had no income before.New distributors entrepreneurs are developed and their only job and earning now is delivering goods from producers to consumers .Under privileged rural citizens can benefit from direct access to target markets on the internet.

Founding Story

Farmers > local wholesale market , but without the middleman (broker) the farmers can't sell their products to the local wholesaler > The middle man plays a critical role , tricks the farmers to sell the vegetables at very low rate, and they determine the price of the vegetables for example BDT 2 > The middleman sells the product to the wholesaler adding up their margin with a high rate > Then the local whole saler send the vegetables to the major /districts wholesaler adding upp margins > Now retailer shop buy from the districts wholesaler with much more higher rate > then the retailer sells to the consumers at BDT 25 , which famers got the price of BDT 2. But presently with our e-center Farmers > to their local village e-center which is maintain by their local youth , they come with their any of the products, get register , took pictures of their products ,put their own price , for example now they sell BDT 10 which previously could sell only at BDT 2.
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My Country My Village
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Social Impact
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Access to financing, Access to supply chains, Access to technology, Access to economic opportunity.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Till date We have established 7 e-center with more than 5500 entrepreneurs. From each center we are serving local communities school and colleges providing websites and softwares build by the local e-center by the local youth, 834 above students being trained. 84000 local community peAmar Desh eShop (e-commerce platform) for Economic development
5500 entrepreneurs has been enlisted
Among them mostly are underprivileged women,Farmers ,Weavers ,Fishermen, Young entrepreneurs
Our e-centres sustainable models have enabled it to become a community of innovative entrepreneurs. From our some e-centres has given more than 3500 women a chance to be self employed and sell their handmade wonders aided by e-commerce, with no hidden charges. Our e- centres employ 25 women, some are over the age of 65 learning and teaching basic computer skills. Both men and women now have the chance through our centres to sell their artistic skills and open a new cultural market.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

In the next 3 years if we can make more 64 centers in 64 districts of our country we can serve 768000 community members all our countries enterprenuers to give them a direct market access to trade both nation and international .Can actually train IT experts more than 8960 youths who can work as our Human Resource to manage the whole e-commerce platfrom.The next 64 centers will enable us to develop a network of centres to deliver services to every district but will also allow trade to flow between each district as well as to the capital city Dhaka.
Thus it will directly benefit both the Beneficiary rural producers and consumers who will purchase the products. Cross fertilization will happen.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

We didn’t have e awareness in our country and During the initiative of the project, not only the rural people but also the urban clan was skeptical about the outcome.The challenges to create e-awareness among the villagers was an achievement .First barrier was there are villagers who had no access to computers in their life time .To train the youth and building a community around our e-center was another challenge still is a challenge.To manage such centers and to communicate to the village producers the aspects Human Resource Development (HRD) is also a big challenge for the project. Funding in the infrastructure, to set up centers in 64 districts is a big challenge for us .The traditional market system, middle man was always a stumbling block but our e-trading system is changing it all.

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Task 1

To established more centers based on products.

Task 2

Train the center employee create more qualified HR

Task 3

Marketing and promotional activities to reach end users to buy online-the consumers

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Task 1

To create a market both nation and international with our products of Bangladesh

Task 2

Networking , cross trading

Task 3

More promotional activites

Tell us about your partnerships

Partners & Collaborations
Our E-Commerce websites has a highly secured and Visa and Mastercard verified online payment gateway provided by Brac Bank and Dutch Banlga Bank.
Sundarban Local courier service as the partner for providing logistical support for inter-country shipment of orders
DHL & Fedex
They have undertaken the responsible for shipping the majority of products(non-perishable items) that are purchased online by consumers worldwide.

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