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PresentationTube provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing network to help instructors, students, virtual presenters, and business professionals produce and share effective video presentations. The recorder synchronizes a variety of visual aids to generate video presentations. The network allows presenters to publish their video presentations and involve the audience.

About Project

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In conventional classroom setting, the teacher uses a large wall screen, whiteboard or flipchart and wants to video everything, including him/herself. But if the camera is pointed at screen or play area, the learners would not be able to read from the video because the low quality of the video output (e.g., contrast, reflective surfaces, glare, shadows, small text, limited area, positioning, etc.). This necessitates having a camera operator to pan and zoom as the teacher works. Therefore, the need was emphasized for the development of an unconventional solution to assist teachers automates the process of producing and effective video materials from PowerPoint presentations.

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PresentationTube provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing network to help instructors, students, virtual presenters, and business professionals produce and share effective video presentations. The recorder synchronizes a variety of visual aids, including presenter's audio and video, PowerPoint slides, drawing board, whiteboard and web browser to generate video presentations ready for uploading to PresentationTube network. The network allows presenters to publish their video presentations and involve the audience via scrollable slide thumbnails, comments, and quizzes. Video presentations can be used in regular classrooms, flipped classrooms, home revisions, e-learning courses, blended learning environments, distance education settings, virtual conferences, and business orientations.
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Individual instructors will not be able to integrate any of existing large-scale technologies into their classroom practices. Even when a basic level of sophistication has been decided on, there are many offerings with very similar feature sets that make choosing one somewhat difficult. This situation has placed an emphasis on the need to develop and evaluate a simple but usable solution specifically for capturing and producing effective video materials for young learners. The solution should leverage existing technology that can be directly administered by instructors, without the need of significant support services and accommodate the technical differences among instructors as well as the pedagogical and psychological principles of multimedia design for university students.

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The review of the literature and existing classroom technologies above revealed that choosing an appropriate system for recording video presentations by individuals is not easy. There is a wide range of what is known as “conversion”, “presentation recording”, or “lecture capture” technologies available and used today. These technologies range from very simple converter software (convert PowerPoint presentation to standard video or Flash video) to highly sophisticated capture stations with multiple cameras and dedicated computers. The majority of these solutions are sophisticated applications designed for campus settings and intended for large‐scale distribution. None of these solutions (e.g., Camtasia Studio, authorPoint, Wimba, etc.) has been developed specifically with individual instruc

Founding Story

As a professor in educational technology, I noticed that MS PowerPoint has become the dominant presentation tool because it is both readily available and easy-to-use by instructors. In order to be successful, a presentation needs to guide the audience through the presentation, keep their interest, and attract their attention. However, although there is interest in the utility of PowerPoint, it is used only by the teacher inside classrooms and needs to be paired with use of an LCD projector and large screen. Watching video is considered as a basis for mental activity. The main intention at that time was building an appropriate capture tool that acquires and synchronizes the PowerPoint slides and instructor’s video simultaneously and help them to share their videos in an interactive way.
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Access to technology.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Videoing and sharing lessons provided teachers and students with a valuable resource to complement their studies. Recorder uses a simple and straight forward technique to capture your own PowerPoint presentations from the comfort of your home or office, and without the need to have Internet connection while recording. Online video presentation allowed students to move to the respective video content and control both the time and progress of video. A video presentation also allows interactivity via Facebook comments and self-assessment quizzes, allowing the audience to be heard and involved.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

Establish a large library or repository of interactive videos and community to help teachers and students around the world produce, share with PresentationTube network

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

- Increasing running cost: Adding some commercial ads/banners to overcome costs.
- Teachers's and students' technical skills: Providing tutorials and guidance in different languages.
- Different operating systems: Developing version for Mac and mobile devices (e.g., iPhone 7 android-enabled devices) .

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Task 1

Developing Mac version of PresentationTube recorder

Task 2

Developing Android version of PresentationTube recorder

Task 3

Reaching teachers and students at school level in poor countries

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Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

Establish our own video streaming server

Task 2

Establishing a community of educators in different subject matters to index and classify videos

Task 3

Building API to help developers integrate PresentationTube in their online eprojects

Tell us about your partnerships

The success of the project depends on its ability to bring its results to educators and community and clearly demonstrate how these results will benefit its end users. As part of the dissemination plan, PresentationTube is producing appealing multimedia material showcasing to the public at large the activities performed.

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The development of PresentationTube require more collaboration form researchers and technology centers at universities to help populate the project.
I have a long pedagogical and technical experience in online learning and distance education, which would be very useful for other initiatives..