Nature Berries (Organic Strawberry Farm)

Nature Berries (Organic Strawberry Farm)

Tete Morne, DominicaTete Morne, Dominica
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Training for both the manager and farm workers will be provided in the modern approaches to organic agriculture and the operation of an Eco-friendly operation.
• Production of fresh organic strawberries using modern organic approaches’ Promotion of Dominica as an ideal eco-tourism venue
• Expansion of strawberry processing to include preserves, soaps, scents, and bath oils.

About Project

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The farmers in Dominica have become heavily dependent on chemical fertilizers, i want to give them the opportunity to embrace organic agriculture combined with the eco-tourism ideals of Dominica as well as using the unique experience to venture into business. The opportunity that I see from the potential in environmentally friendly agricultural practices and causes convinces me that I can have both a profitable venture as well as the sustainable utilization of the natural resources of Dominica,that i can teach and motivate others to do likewise by setting up, and giving them a good example to follow one that is viable and sustainable and creates employment for the youth,so that they can earn a legal livelihood for themselves and their families.

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As a young woman from the community of Tete Morne in the South of Dominica I have seen a unique opportunity to establish an eco-friendly agricultural venture in Dominica. This venture is a project that will be in two phases and would seek to capitalize on the growing market for organic produce as well as the health conscious trend towards exotic fruits for various reasons. I will seek to establish a model organic agriculture mini strawberry farm, combined with an agro processing facility for supplying the local demand for organic exotic products. A composting facility will also form part of the venture. Education sessions for individuals on the importance of organic farming,and it long term benefits will form part of the venture,It is also expected that the mini-farm will serve in providing a suitable alternative experience for the tourists, particularly those seeking to experience Dominica’s nature and natural entities.
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Developing a strawberry enterprise in Dominica is vital for improving the performance of the agricultural sector. This would provide ample opportunity for increased production in agriculture, particularly the production and agro processing of strawberries. Additionally, strawberry produced in Dominica can find a niche not only in Dominica but in the region as well. Thus this provides a unique opportunity for investment in that area. As the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica is a suitable location for this initiative. The vast experience and knowledge in environmental protection and sustainable use of resources will position the entrepreneur for success. With the success of the initial crops, more produts will be taken on such as special demand chocolate coated strawberries. will be taken on, The entrepeuner will be able to utilize revenue from the proceeds of the first crops to expand the farm ,ensure quality and affordable goods ,continued monitoring and evaluation of the farm and the market always knowing what the market demands so that she is able to provide it. This project, by using irrigation and improved agronomic practices and utilizing the technical advice from a trained agronomist, will yield increased volumes, spread throughout the year. The increasing demand for organic Fruits and organic vegetables by consumers will ensure the success of this project. Organic vegetable production in Dominica is virtually non-existent and this new venture will seek to capitalize on the existing niche.This project will spearhead initiatives at self-sufficiency.

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my major competitors will be imported fruits and berries including; fresh, canned or frozen mainly from importers bringing them in on holidays. There are no organic strawberry farms operating in Dominica and this is an attempt to capitalize on this niche opportunity. There is demand for fresh, succulent strawberries from tourists who visit the island and locals as well on special occasions. It is expected that there will be very limited competition, particularly in the formative stages of this project.

Founding Story

my Aha movement came about being employed in the tourist industry as a waitress and during special occasional and having the guest ask for fresh exotic fruits ,and realizing that the Current market demand results in some importation of exotic fruits particularly during special holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. In periods when conditions are ‘favorable’, markets are usually flooded with imports from the French countries. that when i thought that since we are a tropical country we should be able to grow these exotic organic fruits here ourselves.And that when i started experimenting by growing different varieties of strawberries under different conditions to see which varieties did better and in what condition they thrive best.
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Nature Berries (Organic Strawberry Farm)
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Nature Berries (Organic Strawberry Farm)

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, PAT, Tete Morne

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, PAT, Tete Morne

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Access to financing, Access to talent, Access to supply chains, Access to technology, Access to economic opportunity.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Individuals in my community and country are amazed and excited at the fact that i was actually able to grow and produce strawberries on the island,which is of a much higher quality and flavor.Some individuals have requesting advice from me, how to better improve the quality of their vegetable production and because of my operation nine farmers who use to completely rely on artificial fertilizers have started using organic fertilizer ,compost and pesticides in their farms.Also there are three individuals that i employ on a part time basis to assist with land preparation and transplanting,the small income they generate from me help them to take care of some of their families household needs.Also i am assisting the primary school to install a greenhouse to teach the children proper organic farming practices and composting,that they can pass on to the parents.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

I hope that that over the next 1-3 years that many of the youth who are currently unemployed will have been encouraged to return to farming ,and the practice of using chemical fertilizer will have significantly decreased and more individuals will return to organic farming.also that organic produce will be more widely promoted in the markets and organic farming will become part of the school curriculum and taught at all the schools in all the schools .

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Risk and Uncertainty
As in any sustainable development project, certain factors can adversely affect the viability of this project. These factors include:

• Untimely availability of materials
• Increased costs of production, equipment, and construction materials
• Changes in legislation
• Unforeseen and adverse climatic conditions
• Pests and diseases

Notwithstanding these factors, the entrepreneurs will embrace all modern farm management skills, competencies and equipment to minimize negative implications for the project. The immense potential in this area will also serve as a cushion for the foreseeable future, as the project will be developed in a cautious and ecologically sound manner to ensure that all considerations on sustainability are taken on board.

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Task 1

• Production of fresh organic strawberries using modern organic approaches’ Promotion of Dominica as an ideal eco-tourism venue

Task 2

• Maximizing year round sales of produce

Task 3

• Expansion of the size of the farm.

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Task 1

• Expansion of strawberry processing to include preserves, soaps, scents, and bath oils.

Task 2

• Increased income base of the farmer/investor

Task 3

• Securing contractual market arrangement with a client base

Tell us about your partnerships

I am young woman who has very strong environmental credentials and views Dominica as an ideal location to further my desire to see environmentally friendly and sustainable use of the earth’s resources.I will take responsibility for the management and operations of the enterprise. I intend to undertake farm operations alongside hired labor on an as-required basis Construction work and the operations of the agro-processing will be undertaken using the available local labor and resources. Training for both the manager & farm workers will be provided in the modern approaches to organic agriculture

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

This involves the procurement of greenhouses and irrigation system, ground cover, fencing, as well as construction and planting material, transportation, management activities and labor for construction and production. All material and input costs are quoted from recognized suppliers and from fixed sales agreement for the equipment being purchased under this project.