Activating empathy in Nigerian schools

Activating empathy in Nigerian schools

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Last Update: April 2, 2012

The idea is to pressure the government to use its academic and financial structure to set up professional institutes at the public level or curriculum at the basic education level to activate empathy in the general public. It is self sustaining programme and non- complex at the basics, it diffuses the subject of empathy to a practical appraisal by the general public

Type: citizen sector

The Problem

As we need to bring the idea into existence, we need a standing employee who is proficient and guidance and counseling, a typist with computer set and an office in Enugu and Abuja states of Nigeria respectively.

The Solution

The solution makes a difference in the view and practice that, it makes use of the existing structures of government thereby having full protection in funding and in law, secondly it is fused with the general goals of the country, collaborations of law makers and the executive is necessary but the result would be phenomenal and positive. Thirdly, it takes cognizance of the level of intellect of a group, since basic education in Nigeria is numerous, the complex topics of empathy can be treated from existing subjects as empathy focus topics, moreover it makes use of practical teaching, as guidance and counseling unit which does not work well in ethnic societies of Nigeria, is diffused to the formteachers, the student with his or her peers, to the mother at home or to the boss at office. Laws and evaluation will help this to be actually activated in Nigeria


The model already sent as a file attached, is one that fits into the Nigerian academic curriculum. It tends to create a self- monitoring, self-sustaining means of using the governmental structures and laws, thereby making empathy an indispensable,comprehensive and imperative focus in nation building. It completes the Nigerian academic curriculum, the project is for the whole Nigeria.

Budget: $10,000 - $50,000


As of now, there are no peers and competitors since its actually new. The competitors might be well structured British schools or other alien schools where the model is used, but not seriously enforced or having impact in the country, to help professionalism, or stop negative behaviour like religious segregation and ethnicity in schools and offices. There could be business out of it at the university level, whereby professional bodies and institutes are set up to issue certificates to trained people in empathy proficiency.

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Sat, 03/31/2012 - 17:40

I am recently conducting a research and doing a field work in the course of my activity, how fun it is to see these teachers get so quickly and zealously involved in my school