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Last Update: April 16, 2012

Blabtree is an online social venture that gives students the ability to post positive messages about each other anonymously and counter cyber bullying.

Type: for profit

The Problem

The issue of bullying is something that has taken center stage in the media with all of the highly publicized teen suicides that have taken place. The topic instantly draws sympathy from the general population, and evokes people of all ages to want to make change and take action. Countless speeches are made, rallies are held, videos are created, and district initiatives are planned, all with the goal of fighting against this issue, and all with a very temporary effect on teenagers. The problem is there is no online venture out there with the sole mission of uniting young student bodies on one platform through the sharing of positivity. There is a clearly a void, and the tech start-up that addresses this issue the fastest, and the most effectively, has the potential for huge success.

The Solution

Blabtree is an online social venture that gives high school and middle school students the opportunity to post positive affirmations and compliments about each other anonymously. Each school receives their own online "tree" (or page), where students are free to create and post new “leaves” for their fellow classmates and teachers. Leaves are to contain a few sentences on why that person is important and appreciated and through our movement One Leaf-A-Day, we challenge teens to post something positive about a fellow classmate or teacher at least once every day. The wanting to make a difference and the possibility that one may be posted about, is what has been keeping teens already using the site, coming back multiple times a week. The overall goal of Blabtree is to provide an intriguing and robust online platform that strengthens the bond between the student body, and fights against the very prevalent issue of bullying head on.


Both junior high and high school can be tough places for teenagers. On top of the intense school work, students are often faced with harmful gossip, bullying, and pressure from their peers, all of which can affect their overall happiness and self-esteem. Say for example an 11th grader named Tim is having a terrible week. First his girl friend breaks up with him, and then later in the week he fails an important test. On top of this his parents have been fighting non stop the whole week and are contemplating divorce. These are all realistic problems that could occur in a young person's life and all of this had been taking a toll on him emotionally. Tim is beginning to feel that he is the cause of his parents grief and with all of the stresses of the week Tim begins to feel depressed and feels like giving up. Recently students from his school have been participating in a website Blabtree, so he logs on to see what it is all about. Tim finds that someone has written a kind paragraph about him on his tree, which highlights his strengths and why he is liked. This small paragraph makes Tim reevaluate his self worth and really feel like he means something. It gives Tim the small boost of confidence he needs to get him through the week. This is exactly what Blabtree is about, making a direct impact in teen's lives. By giving students an online platform to share positivity, an impact is being made in the lives of those who send love and who receive it. Blabtree will teach teens just how easy it is to find someone to appreciate each day.

Budget: $1,000 - $10,000


Blabtree is not offering a temporary emotional/impulse fix as many non-profits do, but instead is offering an actual product that can be utilized by teens on a continual basis.

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