Free health care against blood donation - viable

Free health care against blood donation - viable

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Last Update: April 9, 2012

JC ShuklaJC ShuklaFounder

We want to provide Basic Health Insurance to people globally below poverty line in lieu of their blood donation and to make it economically viable business model.

Type: hybrid

The Problem

Globally poor people dont have access to health care. Moreover, there is a perennial shortage of blood supply worldwide. The condition is worst in African countries where HIV is rampant. We planned to address these issues together by providing economically viable and technically feasible social enterprise

The Solution

(A) The poor people can only give what they have and hence against the blood donation (twice a year)we want to give them health protection by insuring their health FREE OF COST. This will go a long way in improving their health and financial condition. (B) It will improve global blood supply (C) It will create multiplier economic effect in medical services, medicines and health.


1. We had improved blood supply. 2. It improved health care. 3. Created many opportunities.


I visited KENYA- Africa and discussed with government , they are very keen but cant spend to create infrastructure. Africa badly needs this model

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