Helping the Korowai Fight Malaria and Elephantitis

Helping the Korowai Fight Malaria and Elephantitis

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Last Update: April 11, 2012

In Papua New Guinea lives an indigenous population of people known as the Korowai tribe. This particular tribe has a compound problem that may be reducible by preventing the source. The Korowai has some main health problems due to mosquito bites that causes Malaria and Elephantitis. This problem doesn't stop there, when a member of the tribe falls ill due to what ever is the ailment they blame it on witches. The accused witches can be anyone unlucky enough to bring attention to themselves. Many times the alleged witch is just a young woman trying to enjoy here right to life. Once the witch is established she is then killed and eaten by mainly the men of the tribe. My hope is by providing them with mosquito nets for their homes we can help prevent the average number of witches accused each year, while at the same time protecting young children while they are sleeping in their homes from diseases. The average bug net is about ten to twenty dollars. My idea is to create beaded figures directed to people of western descent. Each bead figure consisting of 100 beads and plastic line costs about ten to 15 cents. That means if the bead figures are sold at just one dollar, then we could provide one net for every twelve bead figures sold. My hope is to sell 1,250 bead figures in effort to purchase one hundred mosquito nets. Thats a rough estimate but given the circumstances I would like to inquire on a reduced price for the beads and nets from larger companies. Having companies contribute is a huge help, being as I can't go about it by myself. With a a little help from everyone I think we can make a huge difference in the lives of the Korowai.

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The Problem

Purchasing mosquito nets for the korowai tribe.

The Solution

By selling bead figures I hope to raise money for the mosquito nets.


By having nets we can help prevent malaria and elphantitis, while at the same time reducing number of witches accused.

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Thu, 09/06/2012 - 20:11

The best idea first is to educate the tribe. They will not understand and appreciate those mosquito nets with out proper education about it.