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Last Update: August 14, 2012

Hey Sister, Get Clued-Up--a place to learn about our human rights, our healthy options, our financial empowerment, our political powers, how to be a social media intelligent woman and so much more...

Type: for profit

The Problem

Hailing from Kenya's poverty stricken rural areas and city slums, we know first-hand the challenges our sisters have in gaining access to vital and inaccessible information and resources that can change their lives. For a poor girl in Kenya, in addition to education, gaining access to information relating to health, financial empowerment, human rights and how to leverage technology as an information bridge is critical to successfully transitioning her out of poverty and into prosperity. Our project addresses this problem and gives girls the power and ability to break from the chains keeping them from breaking out of poverty forever.

The Solution

“Hey Sister, Get Clued-Up” is a multi-channel membership club that leverages technology to promote peer-to-peer dialog among young African women on issues surrounding Human Rights, Health, Financial Empowerment and Social Media Intelligence. Aimed at networking 10,000 African girls worldwide, Hey Sister, Get Clued-Up leverages radio, cell phone technology, boots-on-the ground forums and a website to transfer knowledge, enlist engagement and provide access to solutions that help young women realize their full economic, social and physical powers. Membership has only one requirement – that knowledge gained becomes knowledge given back to others.


1) Biana, a young Kenyan girl from a remote village in Pokot, who is fortunate to have access to the Internet, joins the Hey Sister community. She is allocated a unique number and is required to take ‘the pledge’ – a commitment to use the power of her voice to disseminate the critical information discussed therein back in her village. 2) Through her membership, Biana is given access to vital information. She is enabled to create and engage in dialogue surrounding financial empowerment and more importantly health. Being from Pokot, her mother has recently started pressuring her to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM), as her friends are undergoing it too. 3) Through the ‘Ask Hey Sister’ forum, she is able to post questions anonymously and receive answers and feedback from her sisters and professional women from around the world. She is also able to educate herself and her friends on the risks of FGM and to locate rescue camps where she and her friends can visit and receive facts about exercising their rights. 4)Because of Biana’s pledge, the model ensures that the dialogue is shared not only with those who have Internet access, but also with those without. Together the girls disseminate knowledge gained back in their rural communities and propel their voices to African women around the world.

Budget: $1,000 - $10,000


Our peers and competitors are all other information-disseminating organizations, such as Nike’s Girls’ Hub who targets girls and young women. We don’t view competition as a challenge, because we always like to finds means for collaboration. However, we do believe that we have a competitive edge because we STARTED as a girl-structured initiative, and we will grow through our individual networks so that we are growing through shared values, mission and goals for what success looks like. What differentiates us is that our website is an example of what beneficiaries can do when they blossom into benefactors. Our site is also an example of the power in uniting two groups of students (Kenyan girls and USC web students) globally to impact youth and create change around the world.

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