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Last Update: April 27, 2012

The project aims at Home Care Nursing Services, in such a way to follow up and to bridge the gap between all discharge patients both from hospitals, health posts, clinics and out-patients, and Nursing Care in their various Homes in south eastern part of Nigeria , with effective, efficient, knowledge and evidence based home care Nursing services. To reduce relapses of discharged patients to its barest minimum within the period of 6month of home care nursing in south eastern part of Nigeria, and reducing the cost o re-admission. To Promote Preventive Medicine, Increase the Awareness of Home care Nursing Services in all communities and homes in south eastern part of Nigeria. To reduce the length of patients stay in various level of admissions through promoting early discharge and hence reducing cost of admission. To encourage patients self health dependency and integrate TeleNursing in home care nursing in south eastern part of the country.

Type: for profit

The Problem

To achieve a greater follow up care after discharge of patients from hospitals. To reduce to the barest minimum, relapses after discharge of patients. To reduce the rate of drug abuse of the take-home drugs. To increase the rate of nurse-patient relationship. To bridge the gap between hospitals, follow up care and nurses. To reduce the long hospital stay and promote early discharge of patients from the hospital. OUR MISSION To encourage patients self dependency by promoting preventive medicine. Our mission is to be a world class research based health care organization that promotes health to its utmost level of effectiveness, through preserving life, promoting healthy living environment, encouraging self health dependency and adequate homes & community health care services. The communities we want to engage are basically the rural communities in Nigeria and more especially, in the South eastern part on the country for the moment.

The Solution

Through networking of various Hospitals, who in turn refer all patients in need of Home care follow up to Our Organization, Through health promotion exercises, and through media reach out and advertising, Our website and e-mail addresses, we reach out to our clients and hence we have recruited efficient hands in Nursing services ranging from Community health Nurses, General Nursing practitioners, Emergency care Nurses ETC. With the services of these categories, we send out a teams of nurses, who carry out Nursing assessment on each patient and return the result to the team office, where group of Special Care Nurses discuss the patient and draw out a Nursing Home Care Plan, which describes the time limits, the care needs of the patient, and hence categories the patient to a particular group. Hence the patient is being assigned Nurses on day to day bases through rotational cycle. These Nurses takes care of the patient and brings back to the team office, the daily and hourly report of the patient. This data is submitted to the Admin department, who takes it into the electronic data file of the patient to be reviewed by the report analyzing department at each end of the day, which helps the team to know the effectiveness of the drawn care plan, if effective or non effective. Secondly, we as we take home care direct to the homes of our clients, and sizing the opportunity to see them face to face and their relatives inclusive, we Use the community Nurses to take charge of the patients environment and hence promote preventive Medicine through health education where we give out health tips, give out of health promotion CDs and magazines, through encouraging the patient and helping them to get involved with passive and active Home exercises, we promote healthy life style of our patients and therefore reducing relapses in discharged home patients. Thirdly, through collaboration with the Government of the country, to implement the Home care nursing as part of the Nursing group in the Nursing profession, the route of care to the patient and the effectiveness of the Home Care Nursing Services will be more profound and evident. TeleNursing: in response to the Global trend of telenursing, we have a special department who deals o the on-site report of every detail of encountered patients , this is made possible through , live video phone or web-cam transmission, imaging of a sore site and accident victim site to the through the on-site health Nurse to the various teams, who analyze the image and through expertise knowledge analyze the best care to be administered at the particular moment and send all reports to the team office for further assessment and storage as well. We involve the community heads to immediately report any case, in their community that may need our attention, hence we are communicated, a team of nurses are sent to the Home to take charge and as well follow up the home care aspect of nursing services the patient may be in need of. Through assisting the patients with their take home drugs from the hospital, by administering to them and educating them on the proper time and dosage to be taking, helps the patients to develop more self confidence in themselves, and the elimination of drug abuse either by under-dosage or over-dosage plays a vital role in the care aspect of a Home managed patients, promoting full recovery at the anticipated time, and removes the chances of re-admission. And hence saving hospital resources and reduces admission cost for the patients. Through invitation by various private homes, we arrange for various timetables for their vital signs and checkups, which helps to reduce a sudden health care emergencies such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. so also, various schools and work places visitation and checking of their staff health status during an in-between employment helps to promote healthy working environment and the staff performances. Through the charity works which we will be involved in, we will have the opportunity to meet in mass the members of a selected community where we will monitor their health status closely within a period of days and determine the best Home care to be instituted in their various homes. Also voluntary Home care nursing arrangements, where we get to the clients in their homes and give them nursing care as a gesture of promoting healthy living and preserving life.


The cases of patients relapse after discharge will reduce from its alarming 98 % in the country at the moment to 25% within six (6) month of operation. The rate of Take Home drug abuse, under-dosage, over-dosage or unfaithfulness to drug prescription will reduce from its rate of 74% to 10 % within 10 months of Home care nursing services involvement. The awareness of Home care Nursing Services will be boasted to its highest level 90% within 12 months of project running. TeleNursing implementation will be advocated for and be part of nursing care in various communities and health facilities within 12 months of practice. There will be an Increase in the patients self dependency within 6 months of Home cares nursing services in the south eastern part of the country. There will be a wide range of nursing advocacy for patients. There will be a massive increase in Nurse-Patient Relationship in various communities in the south eastern part of Nigeria within 4 month of Home care nursing services. That the Government of Nigeria, will implement Home Care Nursing as part of its budget, and establish an agency for the total and massive Home care nursing services implementation.

Budget: $100,000 - $250,000


At the moment,we have little or no competitors as Home care Nursing Services is still emanating in Nigeria and the greatest challenge is to alert people of its presence and however make them to embrace it for a better growth and in turn improve the health care system at large.Our shortcomings however are the fact that we are not financially stable to achieve the greater part of our goal. However we solicit the support of various individuals, organizations, Government and well wishers to help in funding. This will help us I making sure that the organization achieves its goal of taking Nursing care to the door step of our clients in Nigeria. However our basics needs are as follows.  Equipments for proper caring of our clients in many dimensions  Cash donations to pay our staff  Renting of offices in the various locations and community in the country  Mobility in the means of vehicle to convey our staff to any location where we may have patients to attend to and or emergency.  We are in need of health care kits  Drug supply Lack of modern computers to analyze and keep data of our patients Lack of internet facilities to promote TELE-NURSING and TELE-HEALTH in general Lack of communication gadgets to effectively communicate with our patients and our staff in various location of the country Lack of Health educative materials to use in teaching our client and in health out-reaches lack of these requirements can slow our growth down in an immeasurable ways.

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Our shortcomings however are the fact that we are not financially stable to achieve the greater part of our goal. However we solicit the support of various individuals, organizations, Government and well wishers to help in funding this profound idea of caring in the country. This will help us I...

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