Nomadic and e-Health Program Initiative

Nomadic and e-Health Program Initiative

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Last Update: April 27, 2012

By using a web-based software to capture mobile health-related statistics, the program goes further to integrate both Primary and Secondary Healthcare facilities thereby automating the basic operations of the health facilities. The new grounds covered here entails a successful two-way referral system where a patient seen by the mobile team is reffered to a specific facility. The receiving medical consultant opens up the patient data using a unique ID generated by the program. All treatment details, laboratory testing, diagnosis, prescription and other medical data are captured and a medical history maintained for the patient. This marks the first successful data gathering tool in the history of Nigeria. The Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria had its first national conference in October showcasing this program and giving the mobile health program 'mailafiya' an award worthy of emulation by other 36 States in the country.

Type: hybrid

The Problem

The Solution seeks to reduce child mortality rate, improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Diabetes and other disease. It also provides real time statistics on patients seen and treated using a web-based platform. Decision makers are equipped with the flexibility of searching through pool of diagnosis to quickly ascertain the spread and trend. Additionally, the solution gives the mobile health team swift idea of any disease outbreak so it is address promptly. More so, the solution provides a connected health framework where all health facilities collate data on a central platform for State or Country-wise health related statistics. Finally, the mobile component saves huge cost in reaching more patients as compared to the static health centres/clinics.

The Solution

Our solution (Electronic Health Information System) is primary developed using php/MySQL/java scripting while the Microsoft .NET version is under development. By using a web-based software to capture mobile health-related statistics, our Solution goes further to integrate both Primary and Secondary Healthcare facilities thereby automating the basic operations of the health facilities. It offers the following features and functionality: 1. Provides a data capturing platform for patients and medical history data; 2. It's built to resolve two-way referral system; 3. It manages patient diagnoses using WHO ICD-10 coding system; 4. It integrates modules for medical consultant and laboratory services; 5. It allows for drug prescription by pharmacists while a national drug inventory and pharmaceutical components are being reviewed as upgrade; 6. It provides a collaborative platform where e-consultation and publications are being considered to be implemented. 7. It generate statistics.


1). We started the pilot by working with Government in the Federal Capital Territory in establishing the mobile component of our solution and termed the program: Mailafiya (Giver of Health) where Intel Corporation supported by donating computers for the Doctors to use in data capture. 2). The Mailafiya mobile integrated health program was officially flagged off by the State Minister and graced by dignitaries within and outside the State including all rural community leaders and health stakeholders. 3). We stepped up the tempo by involving other health facilities since majority quite appreciate the swift availability of statistics. This was achieved by creating the e-health component of the solution so from a click you can query how many patients had malaria at a particular month. 4). The few milestones we have achieved had resulted in my meeting with different State Governors of the Federal because of their interest on the impact of our solution and how we carry the populace along using technology. 5). We have had cause to train 60 medical consultants, 60 pharmacists, 120 laboratory scientists and 80 records personnel across all general hospitals in the country's capital. This is the first time the State has ever recorded such success. 6). Consequently, our solution has been presented to the world on several occasions including the recently concluded Pan African Health Summit held in Nigeria in August. 7). Recently, our program received a national award from the FMoH. We have been working with Government health bodies to achieve much with less time.

Budget: More than $1 million


We do not have competitors simply because we are pioneers in this direction combining rural and urban data. But instead, we have several bodies willing to partner with us such as the Federal Millennium Development Goals, Microsoft Corporation, The Department of Economic Planning, Research and Statistics, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, The Federal Ministry of Health, State Hospital Management Board and other State Governors who are seeking funds to implement our program since our program solution is quite customizable. Satisfactorily, Microsoft Corporation just signed an MOU with Government to work with us in this direction especially to create platforms that are very much capable to run across borders! We do not see competitors but partners to achieve immense result

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