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Last Update: February 21, 2012

The University provides web and real-world training for patients on their conditions in accordance with the expert patients' curriculum of the UK NHS. The Patients’ University addresses contemporary issues, such as the modern prevalence of chronic illnesses and the West's aging population, as well as age- old problems such as the gap of knowledge and communication between the 'lay-person' and the 'expert'. Albert is currently working on spreading his innovation throughout Europe.

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The Problem

The gap between the patient, or 'lay person' and the 'expert' has existed for some time. This gap has been proven to be detrimental to outcomes and patient experience. With aging populations and the rise of chronic illnesses as the main killers in the West, as well as the squeeze on resources from the global economic downturn, the need for competent, involved patients is more prevalent today than ever. The problem involves: Clinical Complexity This involves the way doctors communicate with patients and each other, which makes it difficult for patients to navigate the system. Social Complexity This involves patients' differing experiences of disease – they may be impoverished, living alone, struggling on account of their job, along with the fundamental symptoms of the disease. This makes it difficult for patients to navigate the disease. Technological & Health Literacy This involves the patients' abilities to utilise health knowledge, health services, and technological services / tools available to them.

The Solution

Liberating time from the system of clinical appointments, using this time to help those who are more vulnerable. Empowering patients to care for themselves and others. Reaching a critical mass of active and competent patients


The Patients' University provides online and real-world competence-based training to patients, empowering them and allowing them to play an active role in their own treatment. It is part of a wider patients movement, which aims to empower patients worldwide, changing the traditional identity of the passive patient to a new identity of the empowered patient, embedded in a culture of change.

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Hari Pant profile img
Wed, 02/22/2012 - 13:20

Hello...a great concept to bridge the gap between the layman & the expert truly. This will be very helpful & the patients will actually understand why they are going through certain medical treatments at various occasions. I would like to understand little more about the model. Thanks.