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We need mentorship on fundraising and developing business plan.

For Goal: Enhance local fundraising aiming to raise 65% of the support from local community (milestone: Ensure uninterrupted supply of sanitary towels to 300 poor girls in Kiambaa division )



Thu, 11/03/2011 - 17:23



About the Need:

In order to reach our peak meaning provide free or cost effective sanitary towels to wider reach will mean that we need to manufacture environmentally friendly sanitary napkins. To achieve this we need to be guided on fundraising and developing business plans for a high-breed project. In promotion of sustainable development we need to make environmentally friendly napkins but also comfortable and portable. For sustainability we need to have one charity arm that selects most needy girls and gives them free sanitary napkins and second arm that sell in the local market at a lowest price possible.