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School Running Program

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Last Update: April 24, 2012

Aayush (Institute for Promotive and Primary Care) has planned to implement School Running Program in 10 schools of Nagpur on a pilot basis. This project will be implemented and supported by Aayush, in partnership with the school administration. With this program, Aayush intends to provide training, coaching and mentoring to the school students in partnership with school administration, teachers and parents to develop their skills in the sport of running and physical activity.

To implement the project, Aayush will engage with school authorities of 10 schools of Nagpur to implement the school running program. The schools engaged in this program will range from government, government-aided and private schools. Aayush will make presentation to school authorities and parents to provide information and educate them on sport of running and its benefits and importance for the school children. Aayush will enroll interested students from the respective schools in the 12 week program. The program will develop overall physical fitness and running skills among the students. We aim to enroll around 50 students from every school and hence intend to train around 500 children in the sport of running in the pilot program. A physical fitness check-up will be administered to the school students before starting the program.

Aayush will train the physical fitness coaches and school staff to implement the program. Every school will be provided with a physical fitness coach and training equipment to administer the training program. The students will be provided with resources for the program like log books and information on running and training. Aayush will develop an online database for monitoring the program. The students and the school staff will be provided with log-in ID’s and password to the online database for logging information on their training. The coaches will only be able to enter details of the training completed by the students of the respective schools. The students will be able to understand and visualize the amount of training they have completed and monitor their progress. The coach in every school will responsible to enter amount of training completed by each student at the end of every week. The coach will also update the log books of students at each workout session.

Aayush will continuously provide support and oversee the program implementation. The program will train the school students to run 5 kilometers (km). At the end of 12 week program, Aayush will organize a 5 km race for the school students. HR and the school authorities will issue a certificate and medal to all the students successfully completing the 5 km run at the end of program. At the end of this 12 week program, the schools will be equipped to continue the running program, which will be continuously supported by Aayush throughout the academic year.

Aayush will monitor the program through-out the 12 week program. Aayush members will take responsibility of respective schools to monitor the program and provide information on weekly or daily basis to the project manager. We will continuously seek feedback from the school authorities and staffs involved in the running program and amend as required. Aayush will monitor the progress of the program through its electronic database. The data will be used to identify students who are performing well in the program and also students who are not able to keep up with the training program

Aayush will evaluate the program after the completion of 5 km run at the end of 12 week program. The program will be evaluated on the basis of information in electronic database, completion of 5 km run, and feedback from school authorities, staff, parents and students themselves.

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The Problem

“To keep our body in good health is our duty. A sound mind can only exist within a sound body”- Gautam Buddha Running is the most natural form of physical activity for the human body. It has been aptly said, that “We are born to run”. Running can be done almost anywhere and anytime, with use of minimal or no equipment. Physical activity has multiple benefits on the human body and mind. It develops overall fitness and discipline in the individual to be more productive personally and for the society at large. Running also promotes sense of appreciation for one’s own self and has the potential to develop the citizens of tomorrow to become more responsible human beings. Due to its simplicity, running has the potential to break across social and financial boundaries. With rapid urbanization and industrialization, increasing number of population is living a sedentary lifestyle. Chronic diseases today, contribute more to the overall burden of disease in India and have overtaken infectious diseases as the major burden of disease in India. One of the major risk factors, for chronic diseases is the lack of physical activity. These diseases already pose a major burden on the current health system in India and to the overall economy of a country like India. It is estimated that the India loses billions of dollars due to chronic diseases and the resulting loss of productivity. Obesity levels in the school students are rising. The reasons for this rise are multi-factorial like lack of physical activity and rise in consumption of refined foods. The rise of obesity among the young Indian population is not just limited to the affluent and the richer class, it has become a major issue among the poor too due to lack of physical activity and exposure to cheap refined foods in the urban areas. Aayush proposes to establish a community-based public health program to promote physical activity and running among the school children of Hyderabad. We wish to promote sport like running as a tool to inculcate discipline, physical and mental fitness and as a preventive medicine intervention to address the risk factors for chronic diseases. Running has the potential to become one of the cheapest public health interventions to promote physical activity and address multiple public health and social issues. Running is about experiencing life…exploring our physical and intellectual potentials and expanding them to become better human beings. We want to change the world through promoting running and making the future generation more active.

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