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Last Update: April 2, 2014

CHI Clubs™ provide a tailor-made network of discounted healthcare services and education for groups of people who share a passion. You might call it "Passion-based Healthcare!"

Founded: 2012 Type: hybrid

The Problem

Insurance. It was a good idea, but has now become the core problem in our healthcare system, driving healthcare costs up so high that access to healthcare has become severely limited for huge numbers of Americans. Furthermore, many practices that have been shown to be effective for healing are not covered by most insurance plans, such as massage therapy for osteoarthritis and autism.

The Solution

Research shows meaningful activity, creative expression, and a strong social network are associated with decreased morbidity. Chi Clubs™ leverage this research by recognizing the healing power of individuals engaged in a shared interest and helping groups organize their health care and education around it. Groups of people engaged in a common passion -- like a yoga studio or a support group for parents of autistic children -- leverage their power as a group by creating their own CHI Club with a dedicated Health Coach. CHI Clubs works with them to negotiate discounted group rates for exactly the services they feel best support their life and life's work, whether it be a healing massage or art therapy!


30 women pack their bags after a tough dance class. This interest group has its own Club. The instructor's voice rings out: “his month Alicia Wise is coming to demonstrate massage for arthritis. Ladies who loaded up on painkillers before this class, you can make appointments with her after the class or through our webpage at our discounted group rate !” CHI Clubs™ recognizes the power of creative expression to heal and leveraged that power to support health by supplying the participants with tools for staying healthy, such as: 1)health information via club webpage and monthly on-site education, and 2)a network of providers hand-picked to suit the group, including Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities.

Budget: Less than $1,000

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We haven't found anyone organizing healthcare around interest groups, using the power of the group to create a tailor-made network of complementary and alternative therapists and negotiate discounted rates for their services . We would love to know if anyone else has!

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