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Last Update: August 15, 2012

Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger (KEB) is a community that embodies the female bloggers in Indonesia to share inspiration and actively writing positif content through a blog.

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The Problem

Internet is no longer something that is difficult to be reached by the communities in Indonesia today. Many women, especially housewives, use the internet as a tool to communicate with the world outside their homes. However, the increasingly easy access to the internet it is not accompanied by sufficient knowledge about safe internet use for self-development of women and their families. Although preoccupied with domestic affairs, women should still be able to speak and express their opinions and thoughts through writing. Through Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger, we would like to invite woman to contribute in spreading inspiration and positive content by writing on the blog.

The Solution

Through the group Kumpulan Emak-emak Blogger, we invite women who love to write on the blog to be more active and have more spirit to write. We had create a meeting (gathering), workshop and writing competition to stimulate and improve their writing skills, so that writing can provide a positive inspiration to the readers of their blog. Through these meetings we also attempted to transmit the spirit of writing and give an example that many women had a positive progress in her self after writing, even earn additional income to support their family. We also encourage members of the KEB to routinely share their latest blog post’s link on the wall of KEB’s facebook group, to be visited and read by other members.


We always recommend to every member of KEB routinely share the link of most recent posts on their blog on KEB’s facebook wall group. It turned out this way can inspire other members to write and update their blogs, even some members who have not been writing for several years wrote in a blog, start writing on the blog again because catch the spirit of the active members. Every time we hold a writing competition, our group members increases, as well as when we hold a meeting or workshop. Many female bloggers who previously felt unable to write and produce an inspirational writings, became excited and determined to change their way of thinking becomes more positive, that in spite of being a housewife, they can still exist and produce good work. Many of our members managed to get the money through their blogs, some are even getting a job based on a hobby that they write on blogs. Simple stories that they write in the blog is a source of inspiration for readers of their blog. When these women bloggers feel their writing be appreciated, his opinion be heared, it will have an impact on increasing the confidence and desire to be better than ever.


Since the initial set up, KEB got a lot of positive response from many quarters, especially the blogosphere. There are actually many women are having great ideas. Many women are having the power of influence. But they are not visible because it runs itself. We do not consider other bloggers as rivals, on the contrary we are cooperating with them. Each event held by KEB always took and worked with another community of bloggers. We still need them as our partner to preach to the public that there is a room for women to develop and grow to be extraordinary. Advice, criticism and support from many parties will be very valuable for us, so we can objectively implementing our plans for the advancement of women in Indonesia.

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