Help for the Unfortunate children

Help for the Unfortunate children

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In India we have fortunate & the unfortunate children like the disabled, the mentally retarded & we also do have orphans too and now it is quite a high time to do something for them.Though the Property Right was included as one of the Fundamental Right which was deleted recently, the time has come now to include it back as a fundamental right again for these unfortunate children.

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The unfortunate children need to have a property for themselves and in this way they would be gaining employment too.

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This project is for the unfortunate children as there are a number of them & they too need a property for their needs.Therefore the Right to Property would help them go a long way!!!!!
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The inclusion of Right to Property project as a Fundamental Right would enable the unfortunate children to have a property for themselves and in this way they could gain employment.
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P-141, Sector-12, 8th Main, Jeevan Bima Nagar,Bangalore-75.

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First to make citizens of India realise the importance of Right to Property as a Fundamental Right, secondly to take out a signature campaign in this regard,and last but not the least we need the help of the Census Department & the NGO's to carry out this project.


Land for the unfortunate/displaced children.
Employment for the unfortunate/displaced children.

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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The partnership with the Census department & the NGO's would go a long way

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To include Right to Property as a Fundamental Right

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Several unfortuante & displaced children in India and looking at the number of hurdles they have to pass through!!!

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Myself:Manu Nair

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Friend or family member

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Policy advocacy to strengthen property rights or increase security of tenure, Formalizing and documenting property rights (i.e. titling, leasing or certification), Legal education and awareness.

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