Jatropha, sunflower and kenaf for economic, health and environment recovery of the community

Jatropha, sunflower and kenaf for economic, health and environment recovery of the community

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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We want to expand our jatropha test plantation to 33,000 households in Rugombo, build a plant to extract jatropha oil for home lighting. This is clean energy, it will help save. We want to expand our jatropha test plantation within the community of 33,000 households in Rugombo, one of the communes of Cibitoke province; then build

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Deterioration of health due to using kerosene for house lighting Carbon emissions due to kerosene Deterioration of environment Extreme poverty people are living in

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We will use global market approach in which we will serve 13,000 households, then each one serving 3 households per year; it means that the entire population will be served with seeds, fertilizer in 2 years. We will also use the same method in selling the jatropha oil to households. We will use micro-finance approach, meaning that the population will pay back the seeds in order to reach out other communes of the province. It will be the first time of using clean energy for home lighting; this will improve their health, cohabitation, economic and environment conditions.
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Our mission is to promote new and innovative ways of life to the poor population who asked SHINE for alternatives to bad conditions they live in. This project will transform lives of 33,000 households (each containing at least 5 persons) economically, their health and environment. It will reduce carbon emissions. This project will continue and reach other provinces.
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B.P 5944 Kinindo

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Distribute jatropha, sunflower, kenaf seeds and fertilizer to the population as a loan.


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Less than $50

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Operating for less than a year

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Paternship is vital and crucial; and we already using it with the administration, local associations of farmers

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We have already established the JTP (jatropha test plantation); After seeing it, the population asked SHINE to help farm jatropha; that is why we decided, with the population, to introduce jatropha and renaf for bifuel production and sunflower for cooking oil production.
We plan to give seeds and fertilizer to 33,000 households into 2 years by starting with 13,000 households in 2011. In 2012, these 13,000 will supply seeds to the rest.
In 2011, we want also to start building refinery for jatropha, renaf and sunflower oils, so that we start selling at the end of 2011.
We will use global market and micro-finance approaches meaning that the population will get sell the seeds and fertilizer as loan, sells its harvest to SHINE. This one extract oil. After doing it, SHINE will not sell directly but it will give opportunity to the poor of create their own jatropha, renaf and sunflower businesses to sell to themselves.

The Story
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In 2009 when I realize how the population of Rugombo had no water, no latrine, no ways to send their children to school, eating a meal a day.

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I grew up with heart to help poor people in Africa. At the age of 36, I left the job I had in Burundi airline company to start caring for people through peacebuilding capacity and social enterprise empowerment.

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Newsletter from Changemakers

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Developing/applying technology for surveying, mapping and documenting property rights.

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