New entryCommunity Land Administration

New entryCommunity Land Administration

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$250,000 - $500,000
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Users of the pasture lands are villagers, clans, and nomad tribes, but the users are not investing on improvement of pasture lands. An agreement among all users would be signed after their agreement on size and users of the range land. The state improves the pasture land and users pay tax

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Villagers are converting government’s rangelands to agricultural land and use it as their own property, existing corruption is the main cause of converting rangelands to agricultural land, government and users of rangelands are not investing on improvement of rangelands so it caused shortage of food for animals and damages animal husbandry, environment will change negatively, there is conflict between the villagers who converted rangeland to agricultural land for their own benefit and the villagers who did not do it, government does not have control and is not able to manage rangelands because of lack of security. When a conflict case goes to court it can take years to reach a decision both sides should pay because of existing corruption so people decides not to go to court. Lack of proper land registration system in government departments caused insecurity of land tenure

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Land management system in Afghanistan is very centralized system and only government’s rangeland departments are authorized to be involved in range land management issues. The proposed rangeland users including nomads in rangeland management is a new idea and it is very strongly needed idea at this time. To invest on improvement of rangelands by government budget is needed and payment of taxes by rangeland users proposed in this project and it is another new idea which makes this project sustainable.
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Impacts of the project are; the proposed system is very transparent owner (state) and users of range lands (villagers and nomads) are working in partnership so there won’t be any room for corruption, conflict will be minimized, villagers will not broke range lands any more, the government invests on improvement of range lands users of the lands will bet more benefit by using the range lands for animal husbandry purposes including nomads, government would have income from taxes, environments would change positively.
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Cooperation for Reconstruction of Afghanistan - CRA
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Cooperation for Reconstruction of Afghanistan - CRA

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0093 799 302397

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House 54 Jade Wellayat, beside Gulbahar Center, Kabul City - Afghanistan

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More than 5 years

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Boundaries of the rangeland parcels identified and delineated on satellite images by the users of the pasturelands and certified by the local rangeland authorities
Village council formed to be involved in rangelands management with councils’ of the other villages, nomad’s representatives and rangeland officer fro district so the management system is collective work and transparent it minimize corruption.
Rangeland users would sign an agreement in that agreement users of rangelands would take responsibility to avoid converting rangelands to agricultural land and pay tax for provided resources they use for their benefit.
The village council will nominate some experienced village elders to take responsibility to solve created conflicts locally by a peaceful ways.
The village council would introduce a group of experienced people in land management to record information and any other news or changes regarding land should be documented and send a copy to District land department.


People will not convert rangelands to agricultural lands because there is community control on it and community is responsible to keep it according to signed agreement,
Number of conflict cases will minimize at the court because established village conflict management committee solves majority of the conflicts locally,
Government would get up to date information about land related issues through village land management committee, the committee would have all land related documents in the village with them,
The villagers would put pressure on governmental departments to improve rangelands, there would be a good coordination between government land departments and village land committee,
The villagers and nomads take their animals to the improved pasture parcels for grazing, animal husbandry would be rehabilitated at the villages and at the country
No need to send police for keeping rangelands safe, instead of payment for police capacity of the rangeland users would be improved.

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$50 - 100

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This project would educate people and goverment to change their policy from Top-down to Bottom-up to involve local paople's ideas and energies for successfully implementation of projects and ideas.

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Governemnt is owner of ranglands in Afghanistan without government it is not posible to implement the project. all users of rangelands including nomads are ther physically they have knowledge, experiance, and and energy to contribute to the project for successfully implementation of the project, to avoid conflict and bring sustainable peace involvement and coordination to all project partners is non aviodable action. Strong project managers always makes coordination and involves project partners from begaining of the project up to end. so for this project coordination with all project partners is the only way to make successul implementation of the project.

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the project idea which I am talking about has already implemented as pilot phase of the project in 4 project test sites. on the base of the lassons learned the existing ideas created because of limitation of budget in the pilot phase we could not include all activites.
The pilot phase of the project funded by ADB to SCANAGRI our organization and Terra implemented this project creatively.
the project budget was for staff salary,travel cost, transportation, and runnig cost.

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In our country if you involve people in decision making process they feel responsibility to implement the decisions made. it is more than 10 years CRA is implementing community based projects involvement of communities and project beneficiaries in project implementation process is CRA's main working policy. the reason that why CRA involved in implementaion of Rural Land Administration project
is the background of CRA, CRA has strong background of community mobilization, managing community action plannings, community empowerment and implementation of projects in partnership with local communities.
During 30 years of conflict in Afghanistan we bored with conflict local communities are Bored with continuous conflict local communities are seeking ways to have job and work for sustainable peace. Communities have creative ideas they are enough strong to implement their ideas they are looking for opportunities to encourage them and let them work for their peaceful future. CRA is a national NGO non-profit organization and understand social problems and feeling community problems. At the end of each project we are evaluating ourselves in a workshop to know how many lessons we learned from local communities during implementation of the project. I am leading the social workers of CRA but we are at the same level without consultation we would not take any decision. David Stanfield is our international partner in managing land projects he also believes on communities’ power.

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by David Stanfield from TERRA Institute .

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Formalizing and documenting property rights (i.e. titling, leasing or certification), Other.

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To have peaceful life for all in rural areas the properties should be documented and safely archieved to be accessable whenever needed and a process should be designed for updating the documents to avoid conflict and misunderestandings and corruption.