Stop Fight: IT/Ancestral land despute resolving scheme

Stop Fight: IT/Ancestral land despute resolving scheme

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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Consulting the aged around in a new open communication system that GSM phone providers had created.SMS and two way communication open television programs (question and answer interactive using GSM FACILITIES)that will be moderated publicly.
Resolving land issues can be tricky so this open ballot will trash the issue in public before a popular decision is made by the public for the public.

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Disputes can be very tricky to solve if decision and verdicts are not popular it can trigger a full scale war that will destroy a whole community or at large a whole race. When land disputes or an occasion of any form of dispute, a phone in program on any media can be very potent at resolving red issues . Elderly any gender are used in the good old days in Africa to resolve knotted issues. That why the proverb in Yoruba says 'Agba kii wa loja kori omo titun wo'. Elderly men and women from opposing sides participates in a live program where every one involved in the issue can phone in with their GSM as most of the land disputes became escalated and clogged when their is lack of system of spreading news faster. Vented arguments bottled up inside men can be punctured through this system of voicing out your fears and mind via sms it reduces the tension effectively.

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GSM phones had brought a unique opportunity into the country and I often use it in my business to facilitate a town crier facility for religious and business purposes and it has proved to be a very potent advert product as people in my country consider the gadget a personal effect. This will aid peace in this scheme when used cleverly to communicate disputes around in any community.
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Social gatherings have been possible through the usage of this unique customize short messaging service in my country, as I use it and provide service for this service in my country.My survey shows that people respond more to them than to even billboards TV or even radio adverts. I have employed this service for several people and organizations with huge success
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Vetoing laws from few representatives at any world body has proved to be myopic, personal than the real issue on ground on the red sites.It has plunged many regions into unnecessary war of annihilation.
We are currently advocating GSM will afford everyone concerned a voice in SMS into designated numbers. This will facilitate a priceless database to work on and the progress will be on live to assure the sender of a sure action.
A process that is public participatory often bring out an acceptable 'norm' while a decision by few people in high places brings out a 'law' forced on the citizens.


Freedom from anger venting and Dispute resolving.

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More than 10,000

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Less than $50

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The world has become a global village via the gadget called GSM using this means to solve land disputes will have direct impact on it users which are rather more concentrated in Africa.

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Operating for less than a year

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Those involved in the dispute will donate towards the program before and after the resolving of issues.

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I operate a CUSTOMIZE SMS SERVICE in my country.The effect I had noticed are far fetching as receivers tend to take this messages as an important part of their daily routine.
Theirs one thing that can aid peace its called unbiased communication.
Communication gap most in the third world is driven by rumors, eavesdropping and false stories reported as facts even on popular TV stations most especially the one managed by governments.
One of this 'facts' plunged Nigeria into a devastating civil war in the 70's the effect is still rocking every faucet of life in the country.
Short Messaging Service will be a mind bogging solution.

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A writer,poet and a public speaker

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Making provision for the education of the real stake holders and encouraging them to participate in decision that affect their immediate environment.