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Fast-tracking conversion of tenure rights to formal ownership and title-deeds, by procuring the required professional services for informal settlements.
South Africa’s Government strongly supports ownership for informal arrangements, but there is a lack of funding for this specific exercise.
Proving successes, will lead to duplication by institutions.

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Informal tenure rights are often abused and people forced from land they have worked to maintain. South Africa’s Government and formal structures all very strongly support the conversion of such rights to title-deed ownership. The relevant specialists including town-planners etc. are seldom aware of this opportunity. We also believe banks and financial institutions will support this endeavor as it creates more clients with formal borrowing capacity. Our work is to fast-track the conversions by channeling formal sector funds including Social Responsibility funds into this form of empowerment. The key issues relate to a lack of knowledge and capacity

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The concept uses proven methodology and is not so much unique, as it is important to highlight a “lowest hanging fruit” opportunity in South Africa. There are almost no obstacles and most stakeholders strongly support the conversion of tenure rights to title deed ownership in South Africa. A unique feature is using the community to do as much of the work as possible and teaching them required skills to maintain ownership records which are constantly controlled against formal Government records. There are however too few people aware of the process and too few Town Planning professionals who are focused on this discipline. We believe, additional focus on tenure conversion, will attract commercial attention.
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The social impact is similar to those normally associated with full-title ownership. The key elements relate to the ability people have to raise finance, clearer values and lower likelihood of losing a property through illegal means. In practice, the pride of ownership can not be described in words and the relevant communities normally make giant strides forward in terms of their own self-esteem. A key impact is that the communities take far better care of their surroundings and their own properties. Land ownership creates equity to raise finance for building and homes. Our preferred partner being Land Tenure Services have converted tenure-rights to ownership over 30,000 erven.
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Land Tenure Services
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Land Tenure Services

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073 1947 927

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New Muckleneuk, Pretoria

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, GT

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More than 5 years

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The key steps relate to:
- Influencing Government direction and spending by having representatives of SANMVA working with officials constantly.
- Working with teams like Land Tenure Services to share best practice, fast-track their initiatives and “spread the word”
- Creating awareness within SANMVA membership to ensure knowledge of processes and constant maintenance of informal ownership records


Presently an average 3,000 informal owners are given formal title-deed ownership through the Land Tenure Services process.
We wish to accelerate the number to 6,000 erven p.a. over the next 5 years.

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Less than $50

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Presently Socially Responsible funds are dispersed over thousands of smaller un-co-ordinated projects.
We wish to show how a single process can create social impact for thousands in a relatively cheap manner.

A key desired outcome is that much more of Socially responsible spending will be on tenure conversion.

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Operating for more than 5 years

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The Story
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Land Tenure Services is the most successful local company which does tenure conversion to full title.
My defining moment was driving through the north of Pretoria and comparing a node where the conversion to full-title had happened against an informal settlement which was to be done later.

Full-title ownership opens new doors to funding and economic opportunity for people.
The full-title community was more vibrant, more “house-proud” and obviously happier.

The number of children running around streets were far fewer and the day-care centre we visited was very organized.
A better life for all, can be created by providing ownership

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I have been married for almost 20 years and have three children.
My family is my life.
I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1987 and subsequently completed a legal degree.
My professional career spans 23 years, across industrial development, investment banking, retail, asset management, insurance and property development.
Over the past 3 years I have dedicated 18 hour days to learning about the BoP and Inclusive markets.

My strong belief that the Aerotropolis can rapidly accelerate global poverty relief through commerce has carried me through very trying financial times.
These last years have placed a heavy burden on my family, but they also hope that these concepts can help many poor people.
Tenacity and effort form a winning combination

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Formalizing and documenting property rights (i.e. titling, leasing or certification).

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Engaging the right professionals and focussing their efforts, combined with the right community groupings, can produce amazing results.
LTS has done 30,000 successful full-title conversions and have the knowledge to share.
Creating more success stories can only lead to faster conversions.