young entrepreneur in agriculture

young entrepreneur in agriculture

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for profit
$100,000 - $250,000
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young entrepreneur club is an innovative idea which is targeting young people at the age of 18 to 30 years to play a major role in the well utilization in the limited land in the urban cities for agriculture. these young people will be engage in research in technology in agriculture sector to increase animal and food crop production in the society within the shortest possible time.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

1. inadequate food in the country 2. employment 3. technology in agriculture 4. poor standard of leaving

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

1. empowering the youth to be self employed 2. introduction of new technology to improve agriculture in the urban areas. 3. good utilization of limited land in urban cities. 4. bringing together young people to share ideas to be innovators. 5. increasing the food in the country to improve the standard of leaving.
Impact: How does it Work

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1. increase in employment - 1000's of people 2. increase in technological level of the country through research. 3. increase in the standard of leaving of the people through the increase in food from as and when its needed. 4. decrease the country importation of food. 5. encouraging the future generation into agriculture.
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five star business initiative Ltd
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, AS

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five star business initiative Ltd

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se 1976 suame kumasi

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, AS

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1‐5 years

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1.introducing agricultural improvement club in schools

2.sponsoring the best students in the second cycle institutions studying agriculture to get higher patronage.
3. encouraging young people at the age of 18 to 30 to enter into agriculture through financing their production.-

What might prevent that success?
1. financial backing
2. support of the authorities of institutions

4.setting up an agriculture laboratory for research to improve our technology.

What might prevent that success?
1. finance

5. implementation of our technological outcome of findings on a larger scale.


1st year - get a higher patronage of the youth in agriculture
do the research to come out with findings
start on pilot bases on production
2nd year - introduce production on a larger scale by by implementation of our research findings.
3rd year - introduce the new technology to the rural areas to increase productions

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

$100 ‐ 1000

Does your project seek to have an impact on public policy?


If so, how?

1. youth empowerment.
2. employment
3. increase in food in the economy.
4. increase standard of leaving.

What stage is your project in?

Idea phase

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Does your organization have any non monetary partnerships with businesses?


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1. help in the technological introduction on the agricultural field.
2. helps with the financing of the project.
3. introduce innovative ideology.
4. creates foreign exchange for our produce.
5. bring on board foreign investors in agriculture.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

self financing through our business activities from Five Star Business Initiative Ltd

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

1. under performance of the youth in Agriculture.
2. low production of food
3. under utilization of our land.

Tell us about the social innovator—the person—behind this idea.

Kwame Boamah is a marketing consultant who is ready to have positive impact on the society and every where he find himself at a point in time. he is the CEO of Five Star Business Initiative Ltd that he built the company at the age of 23 years now having 12 young research team who are ready to move the technology of the country to a different level.

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Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

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Formalizing and documenting property rights (i.e. titling, leasing or certification), Legal education and awareness, Developing/applying technology for surveying, mapping and documenting property rights.

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