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Salvaguardar y Mejorar la calidad vida de los pacientes que sufren de Lupus en Nicaragua, a través de dos vías.
1. Crear un Instituto de Especialidades Medicas que brinde la atención integral al paciente.
2. Enseñar acerca del Autocuido.
Para disminuir la Morbi-mortalidad y mejorar el pronóstico de vida.

Global Policy & Standard SME Finance Chain for Micro Finance Institutions and Credit & Savings Cooperatives

Realize global policy and standard SME finance chain to catalyze SME finance. Formalize & implement the solution (jointly with local Govt. and Centr. Banks) at MFI's and SACCO's worldwide. Let’s join efforts to create structural improvement of the total SME finance chain. Let MFI's and SACCO's play a more important role in SME finance, after all Microfinance will evaluate to SME finance.

High-performance team facilitator for SME financing

The proposed solution is oriented to the conformation of technical teams of professionals with excellent conditions in terms of knowledge and proactive attitude to solve business problems, which will act as facilitators to channel financial assistance for SMEs and in turn make the coaching needed to reduce the gap between the reality of SMEs and the conditions required by different programmes.

Landscape Auction for Vermont's Working Landscape

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The Landscape Auction for Vermont's Working Landscape is a live auction event that allows individuals, groups, and businesses to place a bid to “adopt” a landscape element – such as a riparian buffer or wildlife habitat – by funding its protection or maintenance for a period of time. The goal is to raise private capital for nature conservation while creating a bond between those who enjoy the landscape and those who manage it.

Umbrella for local non-profit fundraising

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MHF encourages local non-profit organizations’ fund raising. In 2009, 7 non-profits raised over $15,000 during the festival weekend. At least 3 more non-profit partners will join us in 2010. This program may be considered successful as the number of non-profit partners and the funds raised increases. Our goal is to afford fund raising opportunities for every local non-profit organization.

The Renaissance Empowerment Movement

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What we propose to do is to help young people learn how to read, and write better through music. The idea is to take the songs that they know from the radio and use them to teach the kids about, pneumonic phrases,metaphors,similies,scenery, etc. The kids would then be able to create a song of their own songs or pieces for their portfolio requirement. Also, the plan would be to use those pieces and record,copyright, and possibly sell as a fundraiser.


Stillwater Watch Dogs speak at council meetings, hold watermellon feasts for public gathering, write
letters to 2 newspapers, telephone notices, support candidates, stop frivilous ordinances and
ammendments from passing. Meet twice weekly to plan strategy to head-off ordinaces, we feel are not good
for the People. Try to Keep Family Parks and ask council to sell off unused parks, surplus stored in rented
buildings. Ask for transparancy in City Government. We are making a differece, and intend to continue with



Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
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