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Guidance on drug interactions for elders

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Guidance on drug interactions for elders is a non-profit organization that helps elderly people to prevent drug on drug interactions with the help of nurses, workshops for the family of the elders and home-made drug interaction tables that can be easily used by elders at home. The nurses will spend enough time with the patients to create their own personal home-made drug on drug interaction.

Fondo de Inversión en Reingeniería de Microempresas de Alto Impacto Social

El fondo de inversión buscará invertir en micro o pequeñas empresas que generan gran impacto social en su comunidad (unión, valores, ética, cuidado del medioambiente) y que estén en riesgo de quiebra. El fondo generará procesos de reingenería y eduación gerencial para que la sociedad no pierda el valor económico y social que estas generan.

Social Rating Agency - Social Secondary Credit Market

A Social Rating Agency (SRA) committed to provide the world's credit markets with reliable, timely and prospective opinions regarding the Social Responsibility of financial institutions. The services of SRA will give market participants greater insight into the social impact of the practices that financial institutions use, in order to enable them to make informed and responsible business decision

How to attract investors ?

Internationally tested and integrated training and coaching program, with on-line tools and support. Providing insight in how investors, think, react and make investment decisions. Targeting entrepreneurs and SME’s seeking financing for company creation, growth and expansion. Relevant for public/private support organizations. E-learning & Language scalable.

TREFI ==> scalable SME finance solution without the costs and risks

TREFI enables suppliers to finance their SME clients through:
● effective risk management and collection tools; and
● efficient refinance of SME credits

Synergies with the suppliers processes eliminate almost all operational costs.

Using information from suppliers, predictive SME risk ratings are provided and timely payment promoted, substantially reducing risks.

FIS – Fondo de Inversión Social

El Fondo de Inversión Social (“FIS”) es un fondo de inversión privado cuyo objetivo es invertir en empresas e instituciones sociales con necesidad de financiamiento para crecer, alcanzar autosustentabilidad y potenciar su impacto social. En el largo plazo, el FIS busca desarrollar una industria de intermediarios financieros especializados en emprendimientos sociales.

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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Their framework for the country emphasizes the development of SMEs, microenterprises, and the self-employed. Also on agenda - improving management of state-owned banks, and strengthening their ability to support SMEs and private infrastructure investment. Economic development in the poorer regions is also the focus of a regional SME project, which provides credit lines through private banks to SMEs outside Western Province.



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Spring Together

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Event for small towns and surrounding areas on a weekend in the Spring. It is an opportunity for businesses and local citizens to come together and promote and support the local economy. It will be in a local attraction such as a town square. It will be a way to promote unity and local businesses. The event will be an event that will include food, fun and events that will promote the overall unity of the town and community.