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The vision is to build an online platform that allows people to virtually manage their communities & countries on a bottom up basis. Imagine a virtual dashboard(like MIS for companies)contributed on a top down basis (ie Govt. projects)and bottom up basis (individuals & NGOs) on each key issue where citizens are able to report/monitor progress(upload photos,videos, tweets,blogs,buzz).Empower people to communicate key issues,collaborate in solving it and manage/monitor online.

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Ambit Pragma

It is an India dedicated Private equity fund focused on growth capital investing in the SME segment. The firm is building a strong niche in the SME investing with a sectoral investment strategy and a focus on unlisted private companies.



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International Fund for Agricultural Development 

AsDB supports expanding the outreach of SMEs and strengthening institutions with private sector participation. ADB currently has a portfolio of equity investments, loans, and complementary cofinancing loans in power generation, cement production, export finance, and venture capital, among others. Consideration is being given to supporting private sector investment projects in water, power, and energy infrastructure, mining, and local currency financing. In addition, ADB is currently processing a Private Partnership in Infrastructure Development



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The Kids' Pasta Project

The mission of the Kids' Pasta Project is for youth to serve their local community by preparing and selling freshly-made, healthy meals, with the profit going to local causes.

Where possible, the ingredients for the meals are from local producers and businesses.

The Kids' Pasta Project provides the opportunity to learn the value of service to community as well as relevant life skills.

A key intention of the Kids' Pasta Project organization is for it to be sustainable, adaptable and transferable to any community.



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Crowdsourcing the due diligence of African Ventures is a platform for crowdsourcing the due diligence process. Also for sourcing resources (financial and otherwise) for entrepreneurs and their projects. We use to boil business ideas down to one page, members actively discuss projects and score them, our algorithm ranks the best projects in a dynamic like feed so we can accurately connect them to investors.

Youth Development Through Football

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YFC Rurka Kalan was formed by the local Football team in 2001 which won prize money tournaments and decided to use that money for the upliftment of youth and children. The volunteers visit the community people on festivals & perform Bhangra & request funds for the cause. The young members also volunteered to provide football coaching, education and social help to the children.

Student World Cup

The project is aiming to empower young people to be effective change makers in the global community. Through the medium of football young people are given the opportunity to localize and tackle development issues. The project empowers young people in the UK as well as worldwide. Through football tournament, students in London will help to support youth-led development initiatives by raising funds and awareness for projects in developing world. Whether by

“En busca de un sueño”

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El proyecto tiene como Objetivo Principal desarrollar, desde la niñez, personas plenas en lo físico, psíquico y social, impartiéndoles Herramientas y construyendo los Valores necesarios para conformar hombres y una sociedad saludable y sustentable con conciencia cívica, colectiva, comprometidos en lograr un mundo mejor de bien común a todos.

Ecological Agriculture and Cooperatives Project

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GCB ‘Ecological Agriculture and Cooperatives Project’ aims at developing ecological agriculture centered on sunflower in Huining County in Gansu, China. It encourages local farmers to establish agricultural professional cooperatives to improve the livelihood of the farmers in poverty, increase the organizational level of local farmers, decrease local soil and plant pollution, and promote sustainab