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Leveraging technology to raise funds for nonprofit organizations

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Couchange creates new channels of fundraising for nonprofit organizations by converting abandoned digital assets into cash for nonprofit organization. Our online platform converts abandoned digital assets into cash donations, runs mobile “text to donate” campaigns, and incorporates advanced analytics into online fundraising strategies.

Projeto Arte Com Visão

Atualmente desenvolvo vários projetos de Educação e Cultura na Comunidade da Chatuba - Baixada Fluminense, a Idéia do Projeto Arte Com visão é profissionalizar crianças e jovens através de ofinas artisticas, o Projeto aproveita os melhores alunos para Cia. Biarte, que hoje multiplica o projeto para 160 crianças e adolescentes através de monitoria dos alunos formados pelo projeto.

Spreading the "Anzol" Project

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The Anzol Project began at Associação Saúde Criança (ASC) in 1994 with the purpose of teaching crafts to mothers whose children were helped by us, as part of the Income Generation Project, one of the pillars of our institution. After a few years, we started selling branded products and now that accounts for 8.05% of our funds. We want to transfer this business model to all franchises.

Football For Life

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'Football For Life' is a landmark charitable grassroots project which brings joy into the lives of disadvantaged children in migrant worker communities in China. FFL provides in-curricula coaching courses delivered by British FA qualified coaches and local assistants in an educational and fun English language environment.

Building NGO Fundraising Capacity

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Philantropia’s mission is to increase and deepen the awareness and capacity of effective fundraising amongst a range of civil society organizations around the world.

This initiative will build the capacity of NGO professionals through a training and capacity building program that promotes sustainability and local ownership.

Fundraising capacity is a critical precondition to NGO success.

The Benefit Restaurant™ Project

The Benefit Restaurant Project [BRP] exists to grow the pool of funds available to nonprofit social enterprises. BRP does this by securing commitments from for-profit restaurants to distribute a percentage of their revenues to nonprofit organizations who work to end poverty and its fundamental components - principally hunger, homelessness, and education.

CSR 2.0: The Waldorf Card System

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WELLDORF Cooperative is a social enterprise with the mission of providing financial resources for survival and for the quality assurance of the Waldorf schools.

It operates the Waldorf Card System - a new approach to CSR - which enables the Waldorf parents (as customers) to donate schools without making extra effort by determining corporate donation decisions through their daily purchases.

Score Against HIV

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Educating people about HIV is still much needed in the Ngqeleni District, South Africa. One out of four people in this district is infected. We are organizing a soccer tournament were we combine the soccer matches with giving out information about HIV. A lot of people can be reached that way.

Green Spaces "Media for Social Change Makers" Initiative

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We will work with documentarians and filmmakers for social causes to create a hub for affordable space and equipment rental that supports the media for social change movement. This will incorporate a partnership with the International Documentary Association as well as 24/7/365 hub and shop at Green Spaces for local filmmakers using the power of media to spread the word about global problems.