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Incorporate as independent non-profit, trademark name and develop internet-donation system.

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Holy Joe's Cafe sends free coffee to U.S. Troops around the world via a network of cafes run by military chaplains. In order to further develop our donor base─especially online, we need to incorporate as a 501c. We anticipate a need for funds to hire legal counsel and technical services.

CO-Fund "CO-funding College Opportunities"

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CO-Fund enables anybody to sponsor students’ college educations through direct, peer-to-peer donations. Individuals nationwide and students’ communities are now empowered to support qualified students in need. Donors help students afford to attend and graduate from college and become a part of their social mission to “pay it forward” after graduation.

Recycle Buying Power

Non-Profits; Cities, Schools, Service Clubs, Social Organizations are given, free, No Cost, a web portal for their supporters to use whenever they wish to purchase goods online. A $300 Billion dollar retail now gives back portion of the purchase to the sponsoring non-profit. The supporters also receive cash back. The organization gets paid just for visitors to their site - no purchase necessary. The supporter gets paid for recommending the site to their friends.
3,000 stores, 35 Million Products = cash back



Salem, MA 01970
Estados Unidos
42° 31' 34.8492" N, 70° 53' 42.216" W

Spiritual Haze

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We strive to strengthen the Worcester community, by focusing on each individuals mental health. We do this by creating a consistently available, stress relieving, social, and comfortable atmosphere. The products, services, and building layout were all designed to fulfill the social mission. Once this location is really successful in achieving this, we plan on duplicating it.

National Association of Youth-Owned Businesses

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The World's 1st Trade-Association for 13-25 Year Old Business Executives and Social Entrepreneur. As an membership organization that is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and civic engagement, in 13-25 year old entrepreneurs, and to encourage the highest and noblest form of professionalism, and aid the community in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic, and intellectual status.

Comércio Social

Plataforma de E-Commerce que é baseada nas redes sociais dos usuários (tanto físicas quanto virtuais) onde em cada transação uma porcentagem do produto é doado para uma organização social. Tem um grande potencial de sucesso comercial porque é baseada na colaboração em massa, e de impacto social pois as pessoas geram renda a partir das comissões sobre as suas vendas.

Sustainable Economic Development Towards Pro-poor Women’s at the Community Level.

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Our proposed project will (1) “push down” our interventions to target paras – neighborhoods – within the village in order to reach women within their households and (2) “push up” our interventions to the Union level so as to engage with the Union Parishad and their quasi-formal dispute resolution functions. Our interventions are, therefore, at three levels: (1) the ‘para’ level, (2) the village l

Westhab Communicates: Telling Stories with Online Video

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Use film making to give at-risk young people opportunities to share their stories with the outside world--and enable our organization to share its stories impactfully with the outside world. We will teach a marketable skill to young people, and enable Westhab to reach new supporters who will help us to sustain and grow our critically needed work.