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Solata Engagement Technology

Solata is a portal technology that enables almost any size organization to build meaningful relationships with their audiences by creating Web portals that integrate useful content; advertising; opt-in based communications; forums, blogs, and social-networking; loyalty programs; videos, events, surveys and more.

Enchanted Lands and Fables

To generate awareness about fragile ecosystems and endangered species around the world using short fiction films. Through a collection of short fiction films narrated by celebrities we hope to reach out to millions of people and also generate revenue for some extraordinary organizations working in fragile ecosystems.

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New technologies are observed quickly by women than men

Everyone in this life is affected or influenced by marriage, either through their parents or their own. Keeping a marriage strong while surviving life's trials can be a huge struggle, but learning from other's experiences can help us through these times. Ladies are not weaker sex. They are not only baby making machine. India is conservative - More women CEOs in India than U.S. It is a women dominant society. So, it is very clearly speaking, the technologies are observed quickly by women than men in India.



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Kitchen Garden

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

a) Kitchen garden & b)Rain Harvest are to be practiced among group. If a sufficient area is found in a house and they can form a group of 10 to 15 and do this as regular cultivation of fresh veg & greens.

Mother's Milk Feeding

The public health centres in villages & local hospitals should take care of the pregnant ladies to insist mother's feeding. This to be educated from the minds of school and college itself, since when a child is about 15 years, they get married due to family situation in India.

L’impact Changemakers


Etre impliqué avec Changemakers peut signifier un gros coup de pouce à vos objectifs. La participation conduit souvent à d'autres connexions et possibilités qui ont un impact significatif sur la croissance et l'atteinte des organisations qui travaillent au changement. Nous vous tenons informés ici et nous félicitons l'ensemble de la Communauté Changemakers pour sa prise en charge de ces projets.


Les entrées de sept défis partagent 10 millions de dollars