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Express Yourself

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drug and gang affiliation has become a real issue for young boys in my community. however these young boys have a real passion in music and expressing themselves which tends to be ignored. i aim to change that, i want to give them that chance to express themselves through music.

Lion's Den Global

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The Lion’s Den initiative exists to provide support to youth entrepreneurial work so that they are able to engage in initiatives and contribute to social transformation. The project creates a conducive platform for young active citizens between the ages of 18-35, who are leading social impact.

Made Blue


Made Blue matches the water consumption of companies by creating clean drinking water in developing countries: 1 liter for 1 liter. By 1Q2015 Made Blue has realized over 800 million liters of clean drinking water in developing countries, enough to serve over 100.000 people for a year.

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What if... your project could change something or make something extraordinary possible? This is your chance to inspire others by sharing the most thought-provoking aspect of your project's strategy for change! A successful “WHAT IF?” statement pairs a social challenge with a unique opportunity for


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Gooddler is a platform where charities that rely on goods to achieve their organizations’ goals can create wishlists. Donors from around the world can purchase the items and be sure that they will be delivered directly to the recipient of the gift, when needed.



Transfo convierte proyectos sociales en negocios para que dependan en menor medida de donativos y escalar su impacto. Transfo cuenta con un fondo de inversión de impacto que coloca deuda (créditos) proveniente de fondos de filantropía, ofreciendo un retorno sin dividendos para los inversionistas.


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WTIAWTIAW is a Social Entrepreneurship, a physical and an online space/platform that the public, corporations and government can use to support projects and associations through donations, in order to be the change they want to see in this world.