Kufre Ekpoh's New Entry

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The idea is wholesale distribution of bottle water in CRS which has a very high unemployment status and also recycling of the bottles.
These idea will help employ 25 to 40 unemployed youths who risk going into armed robbery/kidnapping or oil bunkery by getting them gainfully employed.

SDU Seva, Inc.

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Social change and mainstream media do not have to be mutually exclusive. By creating and producing social issue tv, digital and news shows we inspire and incite action through awareness. The medium to create awareness, attitude change and action are through the multiple screens we see daily.

Khethi Ngwenya's New Entry

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SchoolMedia was founded in 2010 and ever since we have made it possible for government and private sector to be in touch with the youth market creating marketing strategies that benefit the brand and youth environment.
Part of our revenue goes back into the school in a form of development.



Touchland provides smart, beautiful and sustainable hand hygiene solutions to improve everyone’s daily life: the simplest way to take of your health is by keeping your hands clean. We dedicate 5% of our profits to deliver our hand hygiene solutions to developing areas where there’s water shortage.

Krama Heritage


Krama Heritage commercializes Cambodia's traditional scarf as a branded fashion accessory to achieve a maximum social impact in Cambodia. The Krama (scarf in Khmer) is not only a cultural and symbolic piece of garment in Cambodia, it is also a much aesthetic one. And that's how Krama Heritage began.

Farmers' Club


We offer mobile technology service education to over 1,4M farmers all over Turkey. With our mobile infrastructure we give farmers information related to their land, products; meteorology data; informing them about market prices and we have marketing network which connects them to buyers.


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Boost Eco bags are paper bags which will serve as a new medium of communication, for consumer brand companies to target their customers, and also raise awareness about recycling and the importance of protecting the environment. These paper bags will constitute a free packaging solution in Cameroon.