Negócios sociais

Trading Remote Control for Climate Control

We're intrigued by the soft-launch of Climate Central, a self-described "think tank" with a production studio that's focused on delivering "timely, relevant, high-quality climate information through a variety of channels."

Climate Central represents another exciting example of the bypassing of traditional news media outlets.


Changing the World 101

An interview with David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas.

Bornstein shares his thoughts about why many big ideas are little known, how everyone has the ability to be a changemaker, and what stories have inspired him the most.


Taking Out a Loan to Give Back a Future

In these topsy-turvy economic times, there's great hope in the fact that one of the world's most famous banks is one that caters to the poorest of individuals and that its founder makes regular appearances in the financial news media. The Grameen Bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh, started by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, is a bank of the future.


Youth is Not E-wasted on the Young

It's not every day that a fifth grader reads and article in The Wall Street Journal and decides to take action. But Alex Lin was very surprised to learn about the environmental hazards of discarded computers and decided to do something about it, right in his own town.

Alex’s e-waste initiative in Westerly, RI puts a twist on the problem of e-waste. It is solving two problems at once, by collecting local residents’ discarded computers, refurbishing them, and giving them away to families unable to afford new electronic equipment.


Raising a Volunteer Force, One Browser at a Time

In Peru, where half the population lives below the poverty line, there will always be plenty of work for the country's many willing volunteers. The challenge is finding them, connecting them to the causes they care about, and organizing those efforts to make an impact.


Trading in Tomatoes and Trust

In the Mendoza province of Argentina, a small community of entrepreneurs is preparing for the tomato harvest. With the help of 'solidarity investors,' they're purchasing seeds, irrigating and cultivating their land, and eventually making jars of fresh tomato sauce that just might make their way to your dinner table.


Microfinance: An Island of Stability in the Global Economic Storm

The global financial crisis is opening eyes to creative ways to bank with the world's poorest borrowers, a move that could actually help struggling financial institutions generate more profit in difficult times.

While traditional investment markets freeze up or melt away, microfinance institutions (MFIs) that make small loans to poor people are now being appreciated as - ironically - a relatively safe investment in a potentially huge and largely untapped market. 


Simple Clothes for a Complicated Time

Clothing shoppers are rethinking things these days: Can I be fashionable without being frivolous? Is it possible to buy chic clothing that's also eco-friendly? Do my consumer choices make a difference? Among the retailers answering yes to these questions is an online store billed as "Patagonia-meets-Prada."