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Project EduIndia - A Promise is a project under SHELTERS that will be into action in very soon. SHELTERS in this project will focus on providing free education to the children those belonging to the below poverty line. The purpose of the project is to enhance the skills, talents and abilities of the children to build themselves and their strengths to have safe and secure future and contribute to the society in whatever way possible.

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Rainbow Children - Loreto House Sealdah

In Kolkata- 100,000 street children at risk of being

exploited, assaulted, abused and harassed in many possible ways-

DAMAGED for life.

OUR AIM - Reintegration into mainstream society capable of leading an independent life, have a job or be self employed.



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CUIDANDO DE CRIANÇAS E SEUS CUIDADORES EM ABRIGOS. Propôr qualidade de vida para crianças e adolescentes que estão em abrigos.

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

O número de crianças/ adolescentes nos abrigos vem aumentando em São Paulo por variados motivos: desemprego das famílias mais pobres; violência social; dependência química dos pais ou da própria criança/ adolescente; entre outros.
Infelizmente, muitos dos profissionais que trabalham nos abrigos da cidade não tem formação, ou quando tem, é deficitária.

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Discover The Journey | The Global Voice for Children

DTJ is a global nexus of journalists and storytellers who expose injustices facing children in crisis and advocate for intervention until change is realized. By creating a global platform for their voices of children to be heard, DTJ is influencing our audience to create a critical threshold of child focused awareness, action and change. DTJ is also equipping journalists to gather these unheard stories and then serving as the world's leading source for niche content relating to children through media aggregation, propagation and syndication.



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