Trabalho infantil

Combate a exploração infantil em semáforos através de ferramentas de Geolocalização em aplicativo de celular

Mobilizar a sociedade contra a exploração do trabalho infantil nos semáforos de grandes cidades através do uso de aplicativos de celular com geolocalização, voluntários envolvidos em redes sociais, assistentes sociais, governo e organizações não governamentais.


Bamba Rewards for Charity


Currently, there are over 1 million Kenyan children not attending school (Source: UNESCO). One of the primary reasons why poverty stricken families do not send their children to school or remove them from school is because the parents rely on their own children to work for money that provides support to the family for basic needs such as food and shelter.

For each year of education a child in Kenya receives, his or her annual income increases by 10% (Source: USAID). What if a child could be paid and attend school, both in parallel?


Primary Pupils' Support for Drop outs

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I have created a database for all pupils studying in primary schools, This will need to be published, improved to ensure it caters for all pupils in the world. Information must be collected, Other volunteers from different parts of the world must be given permission to enter data from their respective countries. I need developers to help me improve this database, i need financiers to help me collect data in my country Uganda.

Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Recycling industry is one of the most encouraged, awarded and lucrative business venture. Ironically, the raw materials collectors who are mostly street children are considered outcasts and the poorest in the society. The industry is also an indirect beneficiary of child labour and youth exploitation. Middle men buy the recyclables at a throw away price and sell them to the recycling industries at exorbitant prices. If collectors were empowered, they would end up owning the recycling industries.

Connect, Create, Conserve - Latin America

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Project Connect, Create, Conserve's main objective is to empower Philippine communities to reduce the worst forms of child labor in a self-sustaining manner. It connects organisations, communities, and social enterprises and other groups. It also creates livelihoods for families through workshops that also educate about how to conserve cultural and social structures, and the natural environment.

Educating Leaders

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Our idea is to create real change. We believe training leaders in underserved communities is the most efficient way to promote development and help Africa solve its own problems.

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Sikizana Trust fights for the right of the child and promotes education of the needy and vulnerable children. We have a rescue centre for abused children.