Jogos e Brincadeiras



Papilio is a program for kindergartens for the early prevention of the development of addiction and violence problems. It promotes social emotional competencies and reduces first instances of disturbed behavior. It protects children against the development of addiction and violence problems.

Dream A Dream

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Dream A Dream's mission is "to nurture the uniqueness of young people from vulnerable backgrounds and foster their passion for
learning, so that they are able to creatively respond to the frantic pace of change in the world."

One Dear World

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We are a multicultural family living in London. We want all children to grow up having a secure self image, appreciating themselves as they are and learning to respect others. Hence, we have created a collection of multicultural dolls and storybook to show children the world of diversity.


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What are the challenges and obstacles children face in life today at home and school? Where can parents, as well as communities, turn to for assistance and support on children achieving more in life? Imagine a youth program that bridges the gap between life and sports. Results, 100% of the time.

Vocabulary Maps


Every language teacher knows the power of Mindmaps and yet there is no language dictionary based on it. VOCABULARY MAPS aka publicly editable mindmap dictionary can offer this to the public.

Cientista Que Virou Mãe

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Somos a primeira plataforma de informação produzida exclusivamente por mulheres mães, financiada coletivamente pelos leitores e leitoras. São cientistas, jornalistas e produtoras de conteúdo produzindo informação de qualidade para todas as mulheres, mães e demais interessados em infância.


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La educación, la libertad de expresión y la recreación son derechos inalienables que son constantemente violentados en niños, niñas y adolescentes de todos los países.
Queremos transformar la vida de los niños de escasos recursos a través de la cultura de la lectura y el arte.