Protagonismo juvenil


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{Afrimath} is an organisation which aims to detect and nurture mathematical talent in African students in schools and universities (K-16). We work with our partners to develop exciting extra-curricular opportunities to prepare youth for international competitions and world-class research.

Food Fast Good

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Les petits commerces alimentaires ambulants informels sont courants à Madagascar. Ils savourent les palettes des Malgaches. Cependant, avec la crise, ceux-ci perdent en qualité (hygiène, offres). Le projet y remédie en apportant des pratiques d'amélioration, garantissant ainsi des emplois durables.

Transformational Power


Setting up a large scale coaching & mentoring program called - From Boys To Men; based in the UK, and dealing mainly with Ethnic Minorities. It will be totally focused at addressing the problem of dispossession and delinquency of character seen in Male Youths in our times.