SafeZe aims at creating an automated environment at the Zebra crossing which would stop vehicles and allow pedestrians. On change of the signal, vehicles can again resume the drive.
This would help pedestrians' safety as well as vehicle users by preventing accidents and saving the fine.

Casas Halieus


Halieus Corporation, S.A. de C.V. es una organización que realiza proyectos de vivienda, a través de la gestión y asesoría calificada de forma organizada y permanente, buscando el desarrollo económico, social y cultural de las comunidades.

ANeMoS MIS Group


Robotics in healthcare is considered to be among the primary upcoming “technology movers” of innovation. Our proposal deals with the development of a low-cost surgical robotic tool. We have already completed two prototypes and we are working in a third version, which will be ready in two months.

Energy Saving Pioneers

Energy Saving Pioneers is an initiative by Bond Beter Leefmilieu, gathering frontrunners in energy saving. This coalition calls for a more ambitious energy saving policy, regarding the transposition of the European Energy Efficiency Directive, the 2030 energy and climate package and national policy. Businesses, local level governments and ngo’s have developed a common vision providing ten recommendations for policymakers.

Embroidering for progress

Since 2003, the Belgian social enterprise Kisany trains vulnerable women who have family responsibilities, in the art of embroidery and weaving to create exclusive products. In 2008 Libeco, the Belgian Linen fabric company has decided to help Kisany; providing the linen fabric at a very good price, giving work to the workshop, offering continuing education to the team, enabling members to have a better future and to manage the workshop.


“participACTION” creates or improves community spaces (a building or a public space) through the engagement of its users in all the stages of its transformation. The project opens the construction process to new public and private stakeholders and promotes an active citizenship with its empowerment, training the people so they can take part of the diagnosis, design, construction and management of their own spaces.