Cheap construction

Solving the housing problem is really possible! With the assistance of "Fundacja im. Zygmunta Starego" even a small group of people can found a housing cooperative and build a home for themselves. They can save up to 40% of the costs comparing to the offer of the commercial developers. Costs optimization and tight control of every stage of construction can bring additional significant savings. The developer's profit stays in cooperators' pockets!

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Virtual engineering company offer services for companies operating in the MENA region via customized remote platform, offering the opportunity for hundreds of Arab Female Engineers to use their qualifications since women are socially obligated to work outside homes or may not be accepted in offices.



A MI SOCIEDAD, busca convertirse en la primer Asociación latinoamericana en generar proyectos de comunicación social a través de las nuevas tecnologías de la Información TI; lo anterior con la participación ciudadana y la comunicación directa de los funcionarios de gobierno a través de la tecnología

hello africa goodbye third world book for kindle

This is a book written by a young Kenyan budding author about the challenges that face African youth such as climate change and unemployment and lack of opportunities. The a step by step practice and workable solutions that are brand new, innovative creative and perfect not just for developing countries but also for developed countries suffering from economic downturns. The book will spur thinking, debate, change, and growth world wide putting the youth agenda first in a remarkable way just needing more publicity to change the entire system.



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Engineering Leadership Council

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Infrastructure shapes our communities and our lives. In the 21st century it is economically and technically possible for engineering infrastructure projects to build thriving communities that enrich social wellbeing in balance with environment. However, ”the way it has always been done” often impedes innovation in the development on infrastructure, which hinders vibrant communities from being built.

prévention des maladies en Afrique, une nouvelle approche

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L'ASET est un centre de médecine préventive pour les enfants, qui a pour mission d’améliorer la santé et l’espérance de vie des enfants togolais par:
- une sensibilisation de la population locale
- la formation continue du personnel
- l' examen médical complet et périodique des enfants
- les projets collectifs découlant des résultats des examens individuels des enfants

Community Impact Consulting

Community Impact Consulting. A social enterprise platform to provide professional services in all areas of community impact and development to cause driven non-profits, NGO's and philanthropic foundations. A new business model to reinforce community impact as a bottom line, promoting pro-activity and engagement.