Kounkuey Design Initiative

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

KOUNKUEY DESIGN INITIATIVE (KDI) transforms impoverished communities by collaborating with residents to create low-cost, high-impact built environments (Productive Public Spaces) that improve their daily lives. Begun in 2006, KDI is an innovative international partnership specializing in the practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and urban planning. KDI believes that participatory planning and design are key to sustainable development.

Energy efficient housing

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

I'm at the first stage of the design of a private energy efficient house worth 50 thousand dollars. In my intention, this amount should include construction of all communication systems and basic renovation (without wallpaper, furniture, or interior decoration).

Médicos de Casas


There are three main areas in our initiative:
1. Professional assistance for home improvements for families living in poverty
2. Bathroom and kitchen improvements to enable access to public sewers and drinking water
3. Based on a local community development model to ensure sustainability



EcoBricks is a for-profit social venture that manufactures bricks from recycled plastic. We create jobs to mitigate unemployment and we develop low cost and eco-friendly bricks that can help people with low resources have a home in Chocó, Colombia.



Ce projet consiste à construire un site de création solidaire selon la technique du SuperAdobe et travailler avec du matériel et des matières recyclés.
Grâce à cette technique, le site pourra comporter un pôle d'hébergement et d'insertion allié à plusieurs ateliers de production artisanale.



Organic and inexpensive blend that makes you preserve your garments by reducing the washing cycles and transforming your clothes, bed sheets and fabrics into a functional disease coating by destroying fungus from HPV viruses, odour bacterias and avoiding vectors like mosquitoes diseases and bedbugs