Kounkuey Design Initiative

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

KOUNKUEY DESIGN INITIATIVE (KDI) transforms impoverished communities by collaborating with residents to create low-cost, high-impact built environments (Productive Public Spaces) that improve their daily lives. Begun in 2006, KDI is an innovative international partnership specializing in the practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and urban planning. KDI believes that participatory planning and design are key to sustainable development.

HOME, Incorporated

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

HOME, Incorporated, whose name is an acronym for Help Our Mission Evolve, is a startup non-profit in the initial stages of development. With our housing first-driven model, we seek to provide housing to homeless individuals and families with a no-strings-attached approach.

Town Build

A community engagement project to develop a planning and design solution to the housing challenges of underprivileged households in Nansana. The result will be a neighbourhood plan for decent and well-organised living settlements, for 150 low-income households.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Improving the life of the homeless through quality design, sustainable architecture and cutting-edge technology. bB teams up with on-ground NGOs working with homeless communities and provides professional design expertise to build adequately designed shelters and a motivating living environment.

The Stingray


THE STINGRAY is an initiative that aims to create a platform to utilise unused and derelict public houses in city centre locations across the UK to create a community facility that supports local individuals at risk of homelessness, people not in education, employment or training and entrepreneurs.



Project is based on social, economic and technical synergy. Our solution is economical and answers a question of homelessness which is a current problem in cities and regions all over the world. Thanks to the unique solution, we are able to provide help for people in developing countries.



Negócio de impacto social na área de habitação, Missão:
Proporcionar qualidade de vida,conforto e segurança através da legalização e pequenas reformas nas residencias das classes C, D e E. Visão:
Promover uma mudança significativa na qualidade de vida dos nossos clientes através de moradias dignas



Having more than 3 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Pakistan is facing a huge crisis in terms of their health, education and income.
RIHAISH aims to build housing units, clinics, schools and civic centers, using Polyurethane foam, to allow them to live in a community once more.


for profit

Benhabitat is loyal to its customers, their needs and their beliefs. Under the philosophy of “Do it yourself” we came up with the idea of a house designed by the customer and for the customer.

CHAKRA- circle of life

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Chakra is a program to reverse the trend in urban migration by moving the vulnerable urban homeless to rural areas and empowering them with education,skills and quality of life improvements. It is founded on the principles of symbiotic sustainability integrating existing infrastructure at all levels

Plataforma contra desaucios

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Es un proyecto si sale para adelante la haremos organizacion sin animó lucro el proyecto plataforma contra DeSaucios quiere hacer comunidad para acoger a personas desahuciada por la crisis la comunidad empezaría con unas casas prefabricadas en zona rural alas afueras de alicante abra actividades

Homeless GoPro


Homeless GoPro outfits homeless volunteers with high-definition personal cameras, which they use to capture the world as they see it. These videos ennoble the homeless autobiographers, provide invaluable insights for change-makers, and generate opportunities for interactions locally and globally.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Committed to improving the quality of life for Chicago’s low-income elderly, (H.O.M.E.) helps seniors remain independent and part of their community by offering opportunities for intergenerational living and by providing a variety of citywide support services.

Retraining The Village

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Retraining The Village is a supportive service designed to bring men out of homelessness. We provide home- a place to go and meals to eat. We provide case management and housing support. Without relying on arbitrary government deadlines, Retraining The Village helps our men excel.

Projeto Criança Fala

  O Projeto Criança Fala tem como objetivo ouvir as crianças, por meio de metodologia lúdica de escuta, para incluir suas vozes (o que querem, pensa, sonham, desejam, ideias, sugestões) na elaboração e execução das políticas públicas, projetos arquitetônicos, projetos políticos pedagógicos e gestão de espaços e equipamentos.O Projeto Criança Fala irá ouvir as crianças, por meio de metodologia lúdica de escuta, para incluir suas vozes na elaboração do projeto arqyuitetônico do espaço para brincar de uma praça do bairro em que moram e para fazer intervenções lúdicas nos espaços físicos nas ha


São Paulo
23° 32' 49.2036" S, 46° 36' 18.6372" W
Português, Brasil

Casas Halieus


Halieus Corporation, S.A. de C.V. es una organización que realiza proyectos de vivienda, a través de la gestión y asesoría calificada de forma organizada y permanente, buscando el desarrollo económico, social y cultural de las comunidades.


DORéMI is a scheme which allows any homeowner to have easy access to efficient thermal insulation at affortable, controlled prices, thanks to community mobilization and the improvement of the skills of the artisans renovating the houses - thanks to their organization in groups.

Digital educational flat

The project is aimed at scaling of existing “educational flats”. Its objective is to support households exposed to fuel poverty in managing their energy consumption through the design and realization of a digital educational flat. Mediators will familiarise households with eco-gestures to reduce their energy consumption by minimum 10%.The digital format is the key asset, enabling large scale diffusion at a low-cost.

Digital educational flat

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

The aim of the project is to support households at risk of fuel poverty in managing their energy consumption through the design of a digital educational flat. It will explain eco-gestures to reduce energy consumption by minimum 10%. The digital format is the key asset, enabling large scale diffusion

Fuel poverty detection

The fuel poverty detection is a first step towards a solution to a problem faced by 4 million households in France alone. By combining the fuel poverty field knowledge of a social enterprise with the scale of a big parcel delivery company that could mandate its delivery men to perform simple fuel poverty checks & inform the households, this project has the potential to have greater social impact than the separate actions of each of the 2 players.


L’observation de l’évolution démographique de la Société, la recherche de solutions alternatives de logement prenant en compte l’évolution du tissus familial, les familles monoparentales ou recomposée, le vieillissement ou ceux qui sont touchées par une maladie ou un handicap – tous ceux qui ont des revenus mais une difficulté d’accès au crédit nous conduit à proposer un ensemble de structures d'habitat participatif concerté

The Global Village program

The Global Village program invites corporations and individuals to join the mission to eliminate poverty housing. Partnering with Habitat gives corporations and individuals a visible social responsible project by building decent and affordable homes where they are sorely needed with their own hands.


ERST WOHNEN is a new model of a housing agency. Its aim is to acquire, provide and manage enough affordable flats for homeless people in Vienna. Due to the concept of “housing first”, the clients also receives social support. The company s Bausparkasse acts as a key figure in connecting to the residential industry and supports the project in further areas with an own volunteer project.

Housing Fast


With the project Housing Fast, we deliver a double societal impact within one building. On the one hand we work on the social reintegration of homeless people with a combination of direct housing placement along with sustained social and medical assistance. On the other hand, we deliver new affordable housing to people that can’t afford the housing market prices. We aim at scaling the project to other buildings and to other fragile populations.

The WALL Village

The WALL Village will accommodate Old Age People including orphans, disabled, handicapped, poor, deprived children, women’s and domestic animals.

incorporated with Museum, Guest house, traditional Food Court, etc.

To promote this place as Eco Tourism destination to sustain on its own.

Accessing Accessible Apartments

Looking for a new home is especially challenging for people with mobility impairments. We are providing tools for making the online search for level access apartments in suitable neighborhoods much easier. Not only wheelchair users, but also senior citizens and young families with children in strollers can profit from the co-creation project between Europe's largest online real estate service, ImmobilienScout24, and the non-profit SOZIALHELDEN.