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Kounkuey Design Initiative

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

KOUNKUEY DESIGN INITIATIVE (KDI) transforms impoverished communities by collaborating with residents to create low-cost, high-impact built environments (Productive Public Spaces) that improve their daily lives. Begun in 2006, KDI is an innovative international partnership specializing in the practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and urban planning. KDI believes that participatory planning and design are key to sustainable development.

Societal Restructuring


Sequestration of voluntary labor base for the improvement of the human condition. Positive change comes through fundamental psychological and educational self evaluation as well as change within our immediate sphere of influence. I can teach how to have complete control over that process.

Gamechanging Innovations for Road Safety in India

Efforts to improve road safety took a giant leap forward with the formation of a powerful community of changemakers that is developing innovative solutions for the big road safety challenges in India. This network is moving beyond the morass of problems to identify transformative ways to invest time and money. 

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Town Build

A community engagement project to develop a planning and design solution to the housing challenges of underprivileged households in Nansana. The result will be a neighbourhood plan for decent and well-organised living settlements, for 150 low-income households.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Improving the life of the homeless through quality design, sustainable architecture and cutting-edge technology. bB teams up with on-ground NGOs working with homeless communities and provides professional design expertise to build adequately designed shelters and a motivating living environment.


for profit

The Algerian urban planning Liaison Agency (AUPLA) is set up on site to facilitate coordination of the different urban planning projects together with the different teams , disseminate and provide information and training to all stakeholders.


for profit

What if we could reduce pollution, noise, and stress by finding parking efficiently? Enabling mobility without strain on the environment,, ParkerMeister is a mobile, location-based, augmented reality parking helper which shows the open parking lots within a three mile radius in a live stream.

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

BikeSurf is a bicycle sharing project. We differ from other bike lending services because our users (BikeSurfers) are under no obligation to pay for riding our bikes. It is wholly funded and supported by the community for the community.

Safi Organics

for profit

Safi Organics presents an alternative fertilizer called fortified biochar from organic waste. We have developed technologies enabling farmers to make their own fertilizers in 30 minutes, thus saving them 40% of the cost of traditional fertilizers (US$100/year) while counteracting soil acidity.

Urban Health Fellowship


Urban Health Fellowship (UHF) empowers minority youth to become leaders to improve their health and the health of their peers. UHF offers a 5 week program that educates high school students on optimal health and chronic disease prevention, and exposes them to career opportunities in healthcare.

foto de Future Forward Team

WATCH: Webinar on Collaborating to Solve Youth Employment

Sub-Saharan Africa faces a paradox that has global relevance and implications: it will be home to the largest youth population in the world by 2050 and although literacy rates (by 6%) and education enrollment rates (by 9%) have been on the rise, youth unemployment continues to hover above 60% across the region. How will African youth create or secure sustainable and meaningful livelihoods? And more specifically, who is responsible for youth employment in Africa? 

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

This project will make very big change in every problem in comunities. This project start work in our comunity and soon cover all world spcially poor countries and finish their problems and poverty.

This project is for endings poverty with letest ideas and work. Everyone can be a part of this.


Shwarea'na is the Arabic word for 'our streets'; it is a very new idea specially in the MENA. It aims to provide safety for people through the help of others. People will take shoots and write their experience in a specific road so others can benefit of avoiding it if it is unsafe.


nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Nurtured on the vision of promoting health and wellness in urban poor communities, the Aquaponics farm established under Project MUtrition is dedicated towards addressing the pervasive issue of food security and the malnutrition it breeds.

Green Magnet


To find a good deal such as : do ours weekly grocery online, 40 to 50% cheaper the marker, fresh products, list of available Bio product non available on the market, a new way that initiate actions of direct impact on the environment, change the consumers behavior for the best.

NEXUS Business Model


Food, water and energy NEXUS is 1 of the latest approaches applied to enhance living conditions for many. This concept is usually looked at from the environmental and sustainable perspectives, but rarely from the economic perspective. So why don't we transform this approach into a business Model?

My Pharmacy

for profit

My Pharmacy is the only mobile application worldwide that contributes to efficient medication management and builds a medicines donation network to people who need medical care. Check which medicines you own, how many of them and be aware of which of them are going to expire; using or donating them.

The Inventor's Guild


People in the third-world lack internet access, but have access to text and voice communication via cellular phones. Elimu aims to organize and distribute useful information for aspiring engineers, heroes and ordinary people via cellular phones, allowing them to improve their local communities.


for profit

There are two issues led by the uneven distribution of population in Japan. One is the reduction of well-being of urban people. Other is the sustainance of depopulated rural regions. We solve these problems by connecting college students with rural areas and generating new business for the community

foto de Nikhil Saigal

Citizen Engagement: Key Ingredient in Road Safety


See an offender, upload their picture on Facebook. Police force in four major Indian cities—Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon— are taking a unique approach to catching drunk-driving offenders by enlisting the help of local residents.

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Look 100 times in side view mirrors while driving?
Want view of road at back?
What about the blocked road you will enter? Will you drive blindly?
Superview aims at providing vehicle users the present view of the road they are about to enter including vehicles present at that particular time.

Smart Skull

for profit

Imagine you were on a motorbike and met with an accident. There is no help available. But still after some time you find yourself being treated in a hospital. Lucky One! But not Every time. Better wear Smart Skull, a helmet that provide location based Accident Alerts to relatives and hospitals.

STEM Leadership Center

The low achievement, low self esteem mindset in the city of Port Chester, NY breeds a school culture of low expectations that cannot remain intact. Our work disrupts this norm with project based STEM experiences that ignite interest in science & engineering and the possibility a career path in STEM.

Raahgiri Day

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Raahgiri Day is about closing certain stretches of roads to automobiles, & opening them to the public (for 4-5 hours every Sunday), to create a whole new healthy, sustainable & vibrant city streets experience - streets that encourage pedestrians, cyclists, & physical activities like yoga, zumba.

Driving school reforms

Driving schools in India are an unregulated lot. All they do is train people in operating a vehicle more than teaching them how to drive.

Any initiative aimed at ensuring safe roads should start with the Driving Schools.

A uniform standardized curriculum for driving schools solves the problem

A humpfree ride

Speed breakers have become a liability of late. Should structures intended to protect people also kill them??

Why not standardize our speed breakers on scientific grounds?

Why do we need speed breakers anyway?? Why cant we have "Stop" or "yield" road signs regulate traffic movement and speed?

Post RTA trauma care

How efficient are our post-RTA/trauma care services?? Innumerable deaths occur on Indian roads partly because we have no mechanism whereby the injured are ensured speedy and quality health care services. My solution aims towards immediate measures to improve trauma care services in India

foto de Indrani Sharma

Root Millenium School Road Safety Campaign

Roots Millennium Schools teaching faculty and staff represents a core faculty of National & International subject specialists, pedagogical leads and classroom teaching practitioners who are acclaimed educators, ground-breaking teachers, and award-winning academia.


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