Desenvolvimento urbano

Kounkuey Design Initiative

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KOUNKUEY DESIGN INITIATIVE (KDI) transforms impoverished communities by collaborating with residents to create low-cost, high-impact built environments (Productive Public Spaces) that improve their daily lives. Begun in 2006, KDI is an innovative international partnership specializing in the practices of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and urban planning. KDI believes that participatory planning and design are key to sustainable development.

Periferia, Indios Terreiro

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<p>Dica: Este será o primeiro texto introdutório sobre este projeto que será visualizado por quem acessar sua inscrição.</p>
Criar uma rede de proteção que desenvolva acoes afirmativas contra a Intolerancia Religiosa e Contra a Cultura do Estupro e identificacao/monitoracao de violencia policial

How to Beat City Pollution

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We all know that living in the city and even in some sprawling towns has become a dangerous proposition in terms of health risks due to pollution and, in spite of all the efforts done to mitigate it or address it through clean-air laws, the fight has not been quite successful in many regions.


Híbrida holds a database of +6000 geo-tagged sites for urban cyclists around the world mainly in Latam and western Europe. 95% of them have been added by its +3000 users. From racks to segregated lanes.
Bicimapa is the tool for activists to share their knowledge with amateur city cyclists

Médicos de Casas


There are three main areas in our initiative:
1. Professional assistance for home improvements for families living in poverty
2. Bathroom and kitchen improvements to enable access to public sewers and drinking water
3. Based on a local community development model to ensure sustainability