Direitos dos animais

The Real Conservator ( Documantery)

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

this documents is a motivational & impressive to volunteers & Social worker.
this example is for each other to conserve & save the nature.
this encourage full work & challenge volunteer ship.
self decision & planing to innovative action.
Important work for Nature & humanity.
how & why ? it's no matter
Example for each other
love with nature & community
community faith & support


Demonstration Goats Farm

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Unemployment and poverty are one of the major problems faced by so many Ugandan youth. This is more worsened by inadequate resources provided by the government to address the problem in comparison to the number of youths both educated and non educated.

Farming is one activity that has no boundaries, can be done by both the educated and the non educated and yet simple to start.

This is the reason that we would like to start off goat keeping.
It is a project that can address the problems identified above with no discrimination between academic levels.

Conservatiopreneur, conservation and developing small economy in coast area

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Es Air Laut is a mangrove product which produced by coorporation of perkumpulan petani mangrove and Consaut. Es Air Laut is a commercial product that sell drink from manrove's fruit which healhty for human body. the coorporate company just act as a association that produce profit oriented product for supporting the conservation activity.


Human Loves Animal

I would like to invite all your friends to participate in the survival of animals that are often forgotten. they want to live just like us humans. because each animal has the same rights to live in this world.
Animals not for food!
Animals not for clothes!
Animals not for entertainment!
Animals not for experiment!