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Books and Barks

It all began when Kelvin, a 10 week old Chocolate Labrador Retriever belonging to our VP, came to school one day. Kelvin made an impact on even the toughest students, and this gave our Principal time to “paws” and think…What if dogs were in the school on a regular basis? Is there a way to do this? From there, with a dog-loving staff, supportive superintendents, a large empty room, and lots of green space, an idea became a reality. “UNDER ONE WOOF” was created.

Kids Science Challenge – New tools for proving science is COOL!

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The Kids Science Challenge (KSC) aims to empower 3rd through 6th graders to discover the fun of STEM subjects, to overcome any cynicism they may have about them, and to envision themselves as bold innovators – all before becoming teenagers. Through its national online competition, KSC allows kids the opportunity to experience inquiry-based learning and engage in 3 annual science fields.

Green LIfestyles

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GLFF would offer an alternative media portal for "green" and "sustainable living" content. Through our annual film festival and (web) TV channel we strive to empower independent filmmakers and producers, and give citizen journalists a voice that is lacking in today's media environment. At GLFF it's not just a "green" message that we seek to promote, but one told in a positive, uplifting, and empowering way. In today's entertainment environment where fear-mongering and violence sell, we want to provide an outlet for the content that often gets passed over by traditional media.

kingwal swamp birding activity

this is a project that aim at giving the community an opportunity to utilize the resource the swamp available to them instead of destroying it by creating farms for maize crop and vegetables. the swamp has sitatunga antelops that are endangered and only found here and at saiwa swamp in kitale. if the community embrace birdwatching then they will enable the antelopes survive in the swamp and birdiwatch with tourists at a fee. im training the young in the kingwal community to embrace conservation, through birdwtching at the swamp.



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Ahimsak leather

I wish to change the way we treat our flora and fauna. I want us to respect life in every form and shape and try and minimize the harms as much as we can. I hope to see a world filled with compassion and humanity. As per National Dairy Development Board of India the total bovine population was 283.1 million in 2003. And there are many that die on the streets of India everyday for numerous reasons. While they die their bodies keep rotting increasing pollution and awaiting decent burial. But on the other hand there are many healthy bovines that are killed solely for leather.