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Sea Turtles Win in Court

[Editor's note: This article was written by Alicia Graef and was originally featured on Care2.com.]

More sea turtles died or became disabled in the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico than in any other event in the past two decades, according to the National Wildlife Federation, the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the Florida Wildlife Federation.

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Red Colombiana de Senderos Ecoturisticos

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Construir y dotar con todos los servicios adecuados, para luego constituir en red -la cual se presenta en una guía internacional especializada-, una cantidad ilimitada de senderos ecoturisticos en el país, según sean los sitios naturales de interés turistico y que serán destinados al avistamiento de aves, estudio de flora y fauna, descanso, alpinismo y otros deportes; entre otros aspectos.

Community Based Sea Turtle Conservation and Green Tourism

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Marinelife Alliance & ExploreWild Eco-tour Operator are running sea turtle conservation and monitoring along the coast of Southeastern Bangladesh at over 140 kms of sandy rookeries including 2 major Islands. Community based restoration projects brinks peoples livelihood opportunity and that turns into based on truly magnificent endangered marine flagship species Green and Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, hence peoples becoming interested in sea turtle conservation that brings their economic benefit.

Converting places on the edge to Forest Reserve

This project titled {CONVERTING PLACES ON THE EDGE TO FOREST RESERVE} is perhaps a second to none in the history of change. It is devising a sustainable and economically lucrative way of preserving the places on edges while conserving natural resources and at the same time protecting wildlife. It utilizes the knowledge of Agriculture, forestry and geography to transform the places on edges to forest reserves. It does not only protect these places but more importantly, it create a forest of economic importance, establishing forest and game reserves



Zaria, Kaduna State
11° 4' 45.2964" N, 7° 43' 3.7668" E

Groceries for a New World

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Create a grocery for which all net profits go to nonprofits serving those most desperately in need -- locally, nationally, globally. Grocery items are made (e.g., tortilla chips) by people who need work, or are purchased wholesale. Items are sold at prices competitive with traditional groceries. Sold online or in small retail coop space with volunteers.

Save Water Football League

Have a football league with kids between the age of 11-18 are involved, as Water is one of the biggest issues where i live and even world over it would be more easier to relate too. Cause Related Marketing would be done, to get big sponsors like DLF, Pepsico or Coke as they already have a Water product, all highlighting the need of water. A certain %age of the money from sponsors would be distributed to the teams and the rest would be given to Global Water Fund

The Learning Room

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The Learning Room will be a center of environment science learning and civic action that reaches urban children, teens, families, educators. Using honed hands-on science exhibits we’ll engage youth and adults in environment challenges and tasks to make a difference, creating science literate people taking action for the planet.

Ethical Ocean

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Ethical Ocean is an online marketplace where shoppers find the top ethical brands in North America, allowing them to buy products that align with their values. Ethical Ocean meets the needs of both buyers and sellers of ethical goods. For buyers, we provide a single trusted shopping portal for goods assured ethical. For sellers, we are we are a unified online-hub for the sale of their goods.

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Rippleffect is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based out of Portland, Maine.
Rippleffect owns and operates 26-acre Cow Island in Casco Bay, located 15 minutes from downtown Portland.
We offer our customized Leadership Development Curriculum for youth and adults, incorporating experience-based activities that focus around the three core skills of leadership - conflict resolution, small group problem solving and communication.
Our adventure-based learning model is fun and active, utilizing tools such as sea kayaks, challenge course elements



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