A-Team For Wildlife

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A-Team For Wildlife serves youth saving endangered species utilizing change-making and youth leadership activities. Informed by our assembly and inspired by leaders among their peers, children manifest their empathy for animals into taking responsibility for natural resources and community.

Green Alalay

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Produce ethanol from invasive macrophytes in Alalay lagoon and implement an environmental education program focused on the awareness of the population about the importance of caring the lagoon. It will benefit 46,000 people, creating a new sustainable source of income and improving the environment

Kedge Conservation


Kedge provides a combination of business education and conservation training to rural communities in East and Southern Africa. Our curriculum helps bridge critical skill gaps for rural entrepreneurs, providing alternative economic opportunities to poaching and environmental exploitation.



We at EMPIWF aware, train and equips farmers to use EM method of Farming to check depletion of soil health and crop health and increase agricultural productivity. We emphasize to create a system of earth healing and situation that is both economically and physically beneficial for everyone.

Forest Mandala

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     The project brings the improvement of forestry, through the mandala's technique used in family farming, offering better conditions for forestry, contributing the harmonization of habitats between species and your systems, and also the maintenance of soil organically, without pesticides, preventing further evaporation of water, and the combating desertification. transforming unproductive areas in small sustainable forests. Using forest management, providing subsidies for small farmers in the Brazilian semi-arid northeast.



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Project Kalpavriksh Society

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Project Kalpavriksh Society is an organization that explores the interrelations of nature, human and society via the conscious or unconscious elements of the adherents who institute our organization in an analogous, interdisciplinary, manifold and collective methodology.