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Beekeeping provides six products that are capable of generating income, reducing hunger and malnutrition, improving on food security, improving ecological density in devastated areas and for api-therapeutic purposes.



Overfishing is a global issue that threatens our future food security. SafetyNet designs and builds devices to increase the age and species selectivity of commercial fishing practices, making the industry more sustainable. Our ultimate goal is to help fishermen catch the right fish.

Project Mushroom


Project Mushroom is a social enterprise aiming to foster and encourage farmers towards agribusiness enterprises through Oyster and Milky mushroom production using fruiting bags. Oyster and Milky mushrooms has strong nutritional and health benefits that can help prevent cancer and other diseases.

Proyecto Raíces

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This initiative is about to bring nature back to the city. There will be a significant improvement of the urban environment and public health if we apply restoration ecology principles in the management of urban areas to create large ecological connectivity networks and conservate biodiversity

einhorn condoms -

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What is the problem with condoms? a) condoms are normally boring & many people are embarrassed when buying them b) rubber- the main ingredient of condoms- has a huge socio-environmental impact but hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Solution: condoms as a lifestyle product which are doing good.



La producción de moda a nivel industrial ha acarreado problemas económicos y medio ambientales, por lo cual es necesario un cambio. Ante este panorama, México emerge con una gran tradición textil y técnicas eco-sostenibles que pueden recuperarse y generar una moda más creativa y más verde.